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High-quality product images play a crucial role in driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction in e-commerce. By choosing the right leading image and providing detailed images for your product listings on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and all other e-commerce channels, you can significantly improve your online store’s performance.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose and create high-quality product images:

  1. Select the right leading image: This photo appears in search results and is the first impression potential customers have of your product. Ensure it is visually appealing and accurately represents your product. Your leading image should also have a white background to best rank on each marketplace. 
  2. Provide detailed product images: Include a variety of images on your product page and showcase different angles, features, and uses of your product. This helps your customers to make informed decisions and reduces the chances of returns or negative feedback.
  3. Follow image requirements: Ensure your images meet the platform’s specific requirements, such as size, format, and background. For example, Amazon requires a white background for the main image and a minimum size of 1500×1500 pixels. If you have any questions about this, just reach out to our team, we’re always happy to help.
  4. Include infographics and lifestyle images: These types of images help highlight key product features and demonstrate how the product fits into the customer’s life, evoking engagement and positive emotions.

You can follow this guide to update and improve your product images yourself or take advantage of Valet Seller’s professional photography services. Our team of product photographers can provide the following services:

  • Hero shots for the primary image to achieve the highest click-through rate
  • High-quality listing photos to build brand trust
  • 3D renderings
  • Consistent design style to establish your brand’s digital DNA
  • Infographic photos to emphasize your product’s selling points
  • Lifestyle photos to evoke maximum engagement and invoke affirmative emotions

If you’re interested in our photography services, please reach out to support@localhost, and we will follow up with a quote. Alternatively, you can update your images directly in your product dashboard or send the updated images to us, and we will have them updated for you.

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