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Amplifying Marketplace

Sell more products everywhere your customers shop with
Valet Seller® Stores and our fulfillment center.

We list and sell in 20+ online marketplaces globally through our established stores.

BUILT FOR brands

Without an established marketplace presence, you are leaving all the opportunities to your competitors and losing out on brand awareness. With Valet Seller, brands and retailers can sell their products on multiple marketplaces through our established stores.

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Our Process

We partner with brands and retailers to manage the entire 3P e-commerce process for them.

We list & sell your products

We create and operate your accounts on a selection of marketplaces through our established stores. We provide you with a listing builder to construct and optimize your listing

We manage logistics and fulfillment

With our technology, we are able to forecast demand and prevent you from going out-of stock. These benefits not only help us with operations but also support preparation for marketplace fulfillment solutions

We boost your brand marketing

Our marketplace experts will optimize your marketing and leverage our marketplace connections to enroll your products in exclusive merchandising events

Leverage sales data

We give you access to our dashboard where you can follow your performance across our stores and to better understand your customers and your market

Why Valet Seller?

Marketplace expansion

We list your brand to our established stores on the world’s leading online marketplaces

Sales and marketing

With Plus+, we set up marketing campaigns on marketplaces and we monitor sales

Inventory management

We pick, pack and fulfill orders from our warehouses

4PL logistics

We monitor and respond to customer request, feedback and reviews in real-time

Customer service

We manage customer service on the channels that we host your products on



You are in good hands. With Valet Seller, you have a major head start by listing through our established and trusted online stores.


Valet Seller’s technology platform provides SMB’s with a one-stop shop for their entire e-commerce operation. Our proprietary software plugs your brand catalog into our network of over 20+ online marketplaces and provides your business with powerful insights to scale.


Partner with the best in e-commerce. Our team is up-to-date with the latest e-commerce trends, news, and developments. Together, we can provide your brand with the true multichannel exposure it deserves.

4PL-Powered Logistics

We pick, pack and fulfill orders from our warehouses

Direct to Consumer

Have your inventory and the delivery of your orders shipped directly to consumers, no matter where they are shopping

Pick and Pack

We offer an accurate and fast pick and pack process in accordance with your business policies, making you and your customers happy


Our strategically placed warehouses make it quick to deliver your products to your customers, no matter where they are

FBA Prep

Ensure that your products are properly packaged and prepared for fulfillment by Amazon


Automize all aspects of the 3P e-commerce process in one single platform

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DATA to grow your business

Our proprietary software integrates your brand’s catalog into our stores on more than 20 online marketplaces, giving you valuable insights to help your business grow.

Valet Seller Plus+

Plus+ makes it easy for you to attract more shoppers to your products.

No matter who you are,

For Brand Owners:

Valet Seller provides a turnkey solution for brands to sell multichannel, including listing creation, order management, and fulfillment. Valet Seller’s team of experts will provide advice and support to ensure brands are successful in expanding to new markets.

For Agencies:

By using Valet Seller, agencies can increase their client’s exposure and expand their reach to new markets. In addition, Valet Seller provides agencies with the tools they need to manage their listings and orders, track their inventory, and fulfill orders.

Case Study

Kaya Kopi partnered with Valet Seller in 2019 to launch their coffee brand across the world’s leading online marketplaces.

Today, Kaya Kopi has achieved milestones such as top seller badges on multiple marketplaces and is generating over $1M annually.


At the end of every month, Valet Seller will send you a report of your sales and a bank transfer of your earnings.


We are not a wholesaler and we do not buy products from our merchants. We list your products across our established online marketplaces, and you keep full ownership of all products. We notify you as sales come in and distribute earnings for each month.


As much as we love unique and innovative products, we do need to have a quantity of at least 25 of the same product.


When making the expansion to marketplace e-commerce, business owners typically decide whether they will open their own seller accounts or utilize resellers & wholesalers to distribute their product on the marketplaces.

With Valet Seller, you can do both. Access a network of established online retailers and connect your existing channels for a centralized experience.

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