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Start selling your products instantly across all major online retail channels. Our team of experts has exclusive access to cutting edge software, tools, and resources to help rank your products on each marketplace.


Send Us Your Inventory

When you decide to work with Valet Seller, we calculate the estimated quantity that should be shipped to our warehouse. From here on out, we will send you timely requests for more inventory when needed, using our algorithms. Each time a purchase occurs, all of the quantities on your product pages will get updated through our software.


Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Ship us your products and we’ll handle the rest. We prepare and ship your inventory to marketplace fulfillment centers such as Deliverr And FBA to provide you with the best shipping rates. We enable Amazon Prime, Walmart 2-day shipping tags, and eBay Fast ‘N Free.


Product Listing Optimization

Once you send us your content, descriptions, and titles, we list your products across each marketplace, ensuring your brand is being optimized by each search engine as efficiently as possible. Changes are made progressively so that products gain highest ranking in search results. Our team has over 25 years of combines selling experience, and we are able to leverage this when choosing keywords, titles and categorization.


Brand Registration, Enhancement, and Customer Service

Enhanced brand content showcases the unique value of products through enhanced pictures and text resulting in increased traffic and sales when done effectively. We’ll make sure your brand is always protected by monitoring and servicing your Brand Registry Enrollment, Brand Copyright, and Marketplace Compliance. We also take care of all customer service and return requests.


Get Paid!

At the end of every billing month, we transfer you your earnings and a detailed report on your progress. We will include our next steps to boost your sales so that you are always in the loop!


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