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Trust, Transparency, and Teamwork

Valet Seller is a company that was founded in 2016 by Kevin Dunne, Maya Dunne, and Andrew Michaud. As an active retailer on over 20 online marketplaces, they provide a valuable service to brands by allowing them to list their products on Valet Seller’s established online stores, regardless of where their customers are shopping. Valet Seller places a strong emphasis on trust, transparency, and teamwork with their partners, making the process of selling products online as efficient and seamless as possible. With their expertise and established presence on major e-commerce platforms, they help businesses of all sizes expand their online reach and drive sales. Valet Seller is a reliable e-commerce partner for any brand looking to expand its online presence.


Kevin Dunne

Co-Founder, CEO

Maya Dunne

Co-Founder, President

Andrew Michaud

Co-Founder, CMO


Valet Seller is a team of ambitious, curious and independent professionals who strive to innovate and create new ways of conducting e-commerce business. We utilize our expertise in sales and fulfillment data, combined with our unique knowledge and experience to deliver innovative solutions that drive success for our clients. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and helping our clients achieve their goals.

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10 Symington Pl., Rochester, NY 14611

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