Valet Seller – Best Multi Channel eCommerce Platform For SMB's

Fast fulfillment to accelerate sales everywhere

Grow your business with Valet Seller’s 4PL-powered logistics services

Powerful Fulfillment Capabilities


Order Accuracy


On Time Shipments


2-Day Shipping Coverage Across the US

Modern FULFILLMENT Solutions

On Demand Inventory
Our systems will automatically calculate demand for your product to notify you when it is time to restock
All-In-One Solution
We offer pooled inventory across multiple channels to handle all of your needs

Hassle-free prep services to get your products ready for sales, no matter where you would like it delivered.
Freight Forwarding
Expertly manage all aspects of global cargo logistics, ensuring timely delivery
Supply Chain Management
Expertly optimizing supply chain operations for cost and efficiency
Expertly handle all aspects of import and export logistics, ensuring smooth global trade
International Returns
Expertly manage international returns logistics for smooth, cost-effective processes
Expertly cataloging inventory for easy, accurate tracking and management
Excess Inventory
Managing excess inventory for cost savings and increased efficiency

Customized freight solutions for today's e-commerce business

Transfer and transportation

Maximize efficiency and minimize expenses with our comprehensive container management services. From vessel unloading to final delivery, including returns and routing, we have you covered.

Timely delivery with Less-Than-Truckload shipping

Experience reliable and timely delivery of your Less-Than-Truckload shipments to major metropolitan areas such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, and more with our guaranteed delivery service.

Truckload shipping solutions

Effortlessly transport your full truckload shipments between any two locations with our streamlined and transparent pricing and integrations. Trust in Valet Seller to handle all your shipping needs. 

Getting Started

Get Started

Create your fulfillment order within Valet Seller’s dashboard and explore cost previews for every item in your catalog

Send Inventory

Pick the items you would like to send to Valet Seller and we will guide you throughout the entire process of shipping to us.

Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, you will be able to monitor inventory in real time, and sync with your sales channels so that orders can automatically flow in.

Expert preparation services to make selling a breeze

Expand your sales reach through multiple channels

Grow your business by making your inventory available on multiple channels. Our team handles compliance, preparation for multi-channel sales, and streamlining your operations to make it easy for you.

Prevent costly inventory problems

Avoid inventory shortages or lost sales due to rejections, damage, or other issues with the help of our experienced team. We have the expertise to transform your inventory into what you need to succeed.

Streamline your operations

Free up time to focus on your business by eliminating the need for manual preparation and vendor management. Save money on inventory relocation and take advantage of our integrated services


  • If inventory is lost or damaged, we will credit the manufacturing cost of the item

  • If packed incorrectly (wrong weight or dimensions), we will credit the difference in cost

  • If your SLA's are not met, we will automatically upgrade your DTC orders.

Why Valet Seller?

Marketplace expansion

We list your brand to our established stores on the world’s leading online marketplaces

Sales and marketing

With Plus+, we set up marketing campaigns on marketplaces and we monitor sales

Inventory management

We pick, pack and fulfill orders from our warehouses

4PL logistics

We monitor and respond to customer request, feedback and reviews in real-time

Customer service

We manage customer service on the channels that we host your products on

We Are Your End to End E-Commerce Retail Partner

Ready to streamline your fulfillment processes?

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