Advertising Terms of Service

Updated Jan. 1st, 2023

Introduction To Advertising.

Advertising with Valet Seller provides merchants ways to promote their products and reach a greater audience. Upon setting a marketing budget with Valet Seller, you will opt-in to have your product catalog advertised across our third-party marketplace network, social media platforms, and our owned-and-operated marketplace, Valet Shops. Over the course of the advertising process, we may adjust your campaigns to allocate your budget to the best performing channels.

Merchant Eligibility.

Merchant eligibility to participate in advertising with Valet Seller is at the sole discretion of Valet Seller. Typically, to be considered for eligibility in advertising, a merchant should be on a current Valet Seller plan and be in good standing. If a merchant’s access to the Valet Seller platform is suspended or terminated for any reason, Valet Seller may terminate any active advertising campaign in its sole discretion. The Merchant must also have an active billing agreement via credit card or PayPal to be eligible for participation in advertising.


Upon enrollment in Valet Seller’s advertising platform, the merchant’s product information will be sent to our dedicated advertising team, who will then build campaigns across the Valet Seller network, including our third-party marketplace network, social media platforms, and our owned-and-operated marketplace, Valet Shops. In all cases, Valet Seller will determine the specific advertising platforms the merchant will be advertised across and manage campaigns to ensure optimal performance. Factors that determine advertising placements may include but are not limited to product type, product category, product details, product image quality, price, and seasonality.At any time, Valet Seller may discontinue Merchant advertising at its sole discretion, with or without notice. If campaigns result in low engagement, low spend, or poor performance, the merchant may be eligible for a partial refund. Merchant may terminate any advertising agreements within a 24 hour notice period.

Payments And Financial Rules.

Valet Seller offers advertising plans on a recurring payment basis for the merchant’s selected plan via PayPal or Credit Card. Valet Seller charges an onboarding fee on all Advertising Services. Merchant is required to set up automatic billing and store a valid payment method on file for the automatic collection of Advertising Spend.

No Guarantees.

Valet Seller does not make any guarantees regarding a return on sales or clicks as a result of advertising.