Valet Seller Partners with

Chill Brands Group plc

(“Chill Brands” or the “Company“)

Update on Marketplace

Agreement with e-commerce agency

The Company is pleased to have signed an agreement with Valet Seller, a highly respected e-commerce accelerator supporting more than 500 direct-to-consumer brands. The agreement will facilitate the onboarding of numerous additional brands to the website.

Valet Seller provides turnkey support and a proprietary software management system that enables brands of all sizes to activate new e-commerce sales channels including Amazon, and Their work with Chill Brands will provide the Company with ready access to a growing pipeline of new potential brand partners and products that will help the site to scale.

Andrew Michaud, Chief Marketing Officer of Valet Seller, said:

“Our collaboration with the Chill Brands team opens up a fantastic opportunity for our brands in the niche space of natural, functional ingredients to leverage the benefits of a category-curated marketplace.’s focus on these products allows it to provide a specialized platform that not only reduces competition but also bolsters customer trust and refines marketing efforts. Their concept combines the credibility of a listed company with a great domain name, a growing list of highly engaged customers, and the experience necessary to manage risk in emerging product categories.

We are sure that this partnership will be as beneficial to the growth of as it will be to the brands we represent.”

Onboarding of new brands

Four additional brands have joined the website. Products from Hux nutritional health supplements, Verve energy gum, MindPanda mental health support, and Headstand coffee leaf seltzer are now available for purchase by UK customers. Further agreements have been reached with numerous other brands and their products will be onboarded to the site over the coming weeks and months.

The Company is in the process of negotiating with a number of third-party brands for the assignment of US retail distribution rights. In some cases, these negotiations are expected to result in Chill Brands being granted exclusive retail distribution rights for the relevant products within the United States. This will enhance the service Chill Brands offers to brands while improving its own prospects of generating commissions from product sales made to its retail stores.

Callum Sommerton, Chief Executive Officer of Chill Brands, said:

We are delighted to be working with Valet Seller and are very enthusiastic about the future of the marketplace. This partnership will enable us to bring a wealth of exciting new brands to our customers while enhancing the site’s commercial prospects.

We are steadily putting in place the infrastructure that will better enable Chill Brands to generate revenues and deliver value for shareholders. The Company will benefit from a diversified business model that encompasses sales of our own-brand CBD-based items and nicotine-free vapour products along with commissions earned from the sale of products from third-party brands.”

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