Opt Into Discounts

Offering discounts can help attract customers, increase sales, and improve your competitiveness in various marketplaces. Running sale price or promotional discounts for a specific period of time can create a sense of urgency for customers, encouraging them to make a purchase. To remain competitive, consider offering different types of discounts across these marketplaces:

  1. Amazon:
    1. Lightning Deals: Offer limited-time discounts on a specific quantity of your product. These deals are visible on Amazon’s Deals page and create a sense of urgency for customers to purchase.
    2. Coupons: Create digital coupons that customers can “clip” and apply to their orders at checkout. This allows customers to see the discounted price before purchasing.
    3. Promotions: Offer various types of promotions, such as buy one get one free, percentage off, or free shipping.
  2. Walmart:
    1. Rollbacks: Offer temporary price reductions on your products, which are displayed prominently on Walmart.com.
    2. Clearance Sales: List products at reduced prices to clear out inventory.
    3. Bundle Discounts: Offer discounts when customers purchase multiple items together.
  3. eBay:
    1. Markdown Sales: Create sales events by offering discounts on specific items or categories.
    2. Promotions Manager: Run special offers such as multi-buy discounts, shipping discounts, or order size discounts.
    3. Best Offer: Allow customers to negotiate the price of your items, giving you the option to accept, decline, or counter their offers.

You can opt into discounts by sending us the original and discounted price, and we’ll take care of setting up your promo price across all channels. By offering various discounts across these marketplaces, you can improve your competitiveness, attract more customers, and increase sales. If you have the profit margin to lower prices as well, that would be another great way to rank higher organically. Our team is available to help you implement and manage these discounts effectively, ensuring that your brand stays competitive and profitable.

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