Questions? Find Your Answers Below!

When do I get paid?

At the end of every month, Valet Seller will send you a report of your sales and a bank transfer of your earnings.


Can I sell a bunch of random products?

As much as we love unique and innovative products, we do need to have a quantity of at least 25 of the same product.


What is the commission fee breakdown?

The marketplaces charge 15% of sales. Valet Seller charges an additional 5%. If you generate $10,000 in sales each month, your distribution is $8,000.

Why is Valet Seller better than wholesaling?

There are two main ways to sell your product – either as a wholesaler or as a retailer.  Each has a unique set of pros and cons. When choosing how to distribute your product online, you must consider which model fits best with your branding strategy.

Selling B2B

Sell to distributors and wholesalers who will resell to consumers shopping online


  • Simple Pricing Structure
  • Global Expansion Made Easy
  • Don’t Need Seller Accounts


  • No Control Over Listings & Content
  • Not Able to Control the Customer Experience
  • Not as Focused on Long Term Success

Selling D2C

Sell directly to consumers shopping online


  • Control Over Brand Identity
  • Personal Connection to End Customer
  • Less Complexity, Increased Profit


  • Typically Paid Every 2 Weeks
  • Customer Service Management (Unless you Utilize Valet Seller)
  • Channel Management (Unless you Utilize Valet Seller)

Are my items eligible for Amazon Prime?

In order to be eligible for Amazon Prime, you must use Valet Seller’s fulfillment service OR send your inventory directly to Amazon’s FBA warehouse with the labels we provide you. Amazon Prime does not support cold storage or shipment.

What are the benefits of using Valet Seller to ship my orders?

If you decide to use Valet Seller’s fulfillment solution, all orders will be delivered to customers within 2-3 days. This option also qualifies you to receive an ‘Amazon Prime’ badge on your Amazon.com listing, which can further incentivize customers to buy your products.

Will you buy my products?

We are not a wholesaler and we do not buy products from our merchants. We list your products across our established online marketplaces, and you keep full ownership of all products. We notify you as sales come in and distribute earnings for each month.

Should I open my own seller accounts?

When making the expansion to marketplace e-commerce, business owners typically decide whether they will open their own seller accounts or utilize resellers & wholesalers to distribute their product on the marketplaces.With Valet Seller, you can do both. Access a network of established online retailers and connect your existing channels for a centralized experience.