On your dashboard you can view a variety of tables and charts that show you information about your products, including metrics such as total orders, daily average sales, total sales, defect rate, cancellation rate, customer geography, returning customer rate, and more. 

On the top left of your dashboard you will see a calendar icon that allows you to select a date range. This date range will be applied to the entire dashboard. 

Underneath the date range you will see metrics for your total orders, daily average sales, total sales, defect rate, and cancellation rate. If your defect rate and/or cancellation rate are red, this means that your account is at risk of suspension. Please monitor your account health to avoid a suspension notice. 

Below the top bar of metrics, you will see two graphs. One for Customer Geography, and one for Returning Customer Rate. The Customer Geography chart shows you where your custeomrs are geographically. Your Returning Customer Rate chart shows you what percentage of your orders are coming from returning customers in the given time frame. 

The Channel Sales summary shows you which marketplaces your orders are coming from. You can hover over any date or data point to see a breakdown of sales per channel. The Selling Channels pie graph shows you another visual breakdown of sales per channel. 

The Product Metrics table requires you to  “opt-in”, as it is not available  to all of our sellers. Once opted in and approved, the top selling product metrics chart will show page views,  conversion rate and ranking. 

In between the Selling Channels pie graph and Product Metrics table you will see a carousel of suggestions from Valet Seller on how to best grow your sales. 

At the bottom of the page, you will see a quick view of your top selling products, sales,  order volume, total sales, and percentage growth over the date range selected.

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