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Plus+ makes it easy for you to attract more shoppers to your products. Set advertising budgets and our experts will manage your campaigns for you, get professional 3D renderings for your products to stand out, and much more.

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Set Advertising Budgets
You’ve established your organic ranking. Now it is time to supplement it with sponsored advertising. Setting a marketing budget increases your product visibility and competitiveness on Valet Seller’s third-party marketplace channels.
Utilize Discounts
Valet Seller will periodically run promotional events with Coupon Codes, Credits, and Discounts. With your set discount level, we will leverage our marketplace connections to place your products in front of your customers eyes.
Creative Services
Valet Seller’s in-house talent can provide product photography, listing optimization, storefront design, and various other services to help your brand boost sales.

Advertising Management
Advertising management for ecommerce marketplaces includes creating and managing advertising campaigns on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, to increase visibility and sales fr your products.
Videos & Photoshoots
Designed to help you showcase your products in the best light. Our team of experienced photographers and videographers will work with you to create visually stunning images and videos that will help your products stand out and drive sales.
Shopify Store Setup
Our team of Shopify experts will work with you to design and customize your store according to your brand guidelines and preferences. We'll help you select the right theme, add your products, set up payment and shipping options, and configure any necessary apps to optimize your store's functionality. c
A+ Content Design
Our team of experienced designers and copywriters will work with you to create engaging, informative and visually stunning A+ Content that will help you boost your sales and improve your product's visibility on Amazon.
Brand Monitoring
Our team of experts will keep an eye on your brand's reputation, track customer feedback, and identify key trends in your market. We'll also provide you with actionable insights that will help you improve your online presence, boost your sales, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Complete Account

Valet Seller can provide customized, full-service brand support to take your business to the next level. We can build and optimize listings, prioritize merchandising and promotional events, manage B2B, create a storefront, strategize and plan for seasonality, send restock alerts, gain reviews, and much more. With a managed account, we assign a consultant to work with you to increase sales and work closely with your team for long-term success.

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