Creating Your Account:

Once you have received your account creation link via email (please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox), please click the link and you will be directed to create your password, Please note that your password must be 8 characters minimum, with one digit, one lowercase  letter, one uppercase letter, and one special character. Once you have created a password, click next, and you will be directed to the Terms & Conditions. You can also review the Terms & Conditions here. Once you have reviewed the terms, click “Accept” and then click next to move to the next step. 

Building Your Profile:

Once you’ve created your password and accepted the terms, you will be directed to the company info section. Fill in all requested information and proceed to the “Payment Info” page. This information is for your monthly disbursements through Valet Seller.

The next step is to select your shipping method. If you’re using our warehouse, select “I want Valet Seller to ship my orders.” If you are fulfilling your orders in-house or through your current 3PL, select “I will ship orders myself” – if this is the case, you will also have to select your handling time or  how long it will take for each order to be shipped out. If you have inventory in  Amazon FBA and would like to use multi-channel fulfillment, select “Yes” for the  second question listed here. Otherwise, this should remain as “No”. 

Now you’re all set up! Once you have completed your account creation, please fill out any additional information in your profile. 

Listing Your Products:

Adding products to your Valet Seller dashboard can be  done in 3 ways: 

  1. Shopify Integration: If your website is on Shopify, we can integrate this Shopify account directly  with the Valet Seller app. Once the account is connected, we can  automatically pull in all of your product data. There are two ways to integrate.
    1. Valet Seller will integrate this for you. We will send you a Shopify  collaborator access request; (All we need is your Shopify URL) please  accept the invitation to integrate with the app and grant all the  requested permissions for the app to function correctly. 
    2. Follow the instructions on this video and integrate your Shopify with  the Valet Seller app. 
  2. Manual Upload
    1. For more questions, follow this video link
  3. Bulk Upload Using a CSV Template
    1. To download the CSV template, click this link.

What You Need to List Your Products:

  • Title
    • Two hundred characters max; please capitalize the first letter of every word. 
  • Images
    • 1,5000 x 1,500 pixels to increase listing quality. 
    • The main image should be on a plain white, with no logos or text. 
    • Add at least 5-7 images. Please include nutritional facts (as needed) and ingredients (as  required), and you may include lifestyle or infographic pictures too. 
  • Variations (optional)
    • Such as different colors, scents, or sizes. 
  • 5 Bullet points / Product Features
    • Short, descriptive sentences that highlight key features and benefits. 
  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit
    • Each listing requires a unique SKU that is no longer than 30 characters. Please  remember that we can no longer change the SKUs assigned once the products are  listed.  
  • UPC – Universal Product Code
    • Each SKU must have a unique UPC (12-digit barcode). 
    • If you need to purchase UPCs, please use this link
  • Description
    • A product description is a form of marketing copy used to describe and explain the  benefits of your product. In other words, it provides all the information and details of your  product on your eCommerce site. 
  • Price
    • Please ensure that all prices are competitive and that it includes the shipping cost, as we  offer free shipping on all the marketplaces. 
  • Low Inventory Threshold
    • Stocks threshold to receive Low Inventory Alert 
  • Inventory Quantity
    • Add the inventory (No need to do this for Shopify integrated accounts or accounts that will be using Valet Seller’s warehouse for fulfillment)

Amazon Brand Registry & Brand Approval:

There is one last step before you can become more hands off, which is to apply for Amazon Brand Registry, if you plan to list on Amazon. A trademark is not required; however, if you have one, we can enroll your brand in  the Amazon Brand Registry, which increases marketing opportunities.  

If you decide to sell on Amazon and would like to enroll your brand, you will need  to provide the following information: 

  • Your brand name has an active registered trademark; the active registered  trademark for your brand must appear on your products or packaging.  
  • The Intellectual Property Office provides the trademark registration number.  
  • A list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in  which your brand should be listed. 
  • 2-3 real pictures. The product should be held by hand or just placed on a  table. The images should have clear evidence of branding on either the  product or its packaging.  

After you submit this information, Amazon will verify that you are the Rights Owner  of the trademark and reach out to a contact that meets the requirements. This  person will receive a verification code. You will need to send this code back to  Amazon to complete the enrolment process. Once Amazon has verified the  information, you will get access to the full suite of Amazon Brand Registry benefits  and features that help you protect your brand. 

If you do not have a trademark, please provide us with the following:

  • A letter of authorization to sell from the brand owner/trademark holder. See the template here.
  • 2-3 real-world images of your product and packaging. The pictures should indicate branding on either the product or its packaging. It can be held by hand or placed on the table. It should not be computer-generated. 

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