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Kaya Kopi Boosts Sales with Valet Seller
E-commerce retailer Valet Seller helps coffee company Kaya Kopi increase sales by 1210% through multichannel strategy. Valet Seller manages online sales and optimizes Kaya Kopi's presence on various marketplaces, freeing up time for the company to focus on brand expansion and product development.
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Tumbalina's Successful Amazon Launch
Valet Seller helps Tumbalina launch on Amazon and other e-commerce channels, resulting in $20,000 in sales in the first month. Valet Seller continues to optimize Tumbalina's listings and manage their entire e-commerce experience on various marketplaces to maximize selling potential.
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Small Town Cultures Goes Global
Fermentation company Small Town Cultures turns to e-commerce retailer Valet Seller to help them expand beyond their local market and become a nationwide brand. Valet Seller launches Small Town Cultures on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, increasing their online presence and revenue, as well as assistance with fulfillment.
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