Valet Seller – Best Multi Channel eCommerce Platform For SMB's

Valet Seller® Stores

We have a strong presence on over 25 international online marketplaces, making it easy for you to sell your products to a global audience.


Sell where ever your customers are shopping online

Why Valet Seller?

Marketplace expansion

We list your brand to our established stores on the world’s leading online marketplaces.

Sales and marketing

With Plus+, we set up marketing campaigns on marketplaces and we monitor sales

Inventory management

We pick, pack and fulfill orders from our warehouses

4PL logistics

We monitor and respond to customer request, feedback and reviews in real-time

Customer service

We manage customer service on the channels that we host your products on

Getting Started

Get Started

Create your fulfillment order within Valet Seller’s dashboard and explore cost previews for every item in your catalog

Send Inventory

Pick the items you would like to send to Valet Seller and we will guide you throughout the entire process of shipping to us

Start Selling

Once we receive your inventory, you will be able to monitor inventory in real time, and sync with your sales channels so that orders can automatically flow in


At the end of every month, Valet Seller will send you a report of your sales and a bank transfer of your earnings.


We are not a wholesaler and we do not buy products from our merchants. We list your products across our established online marketplaces, and you keep full ownership of all products. We notify you as sales come in and distribute earnings for each month.


As much as we love unique and innovative products, we do need to have a quantity of at least 25 of the same product.


When making the expansion to marketplace e-commerce, business owners typically decide whether they will open their own seller accounts or utilize resellers & wholesalers to distribute their product on the marketplaces.

With Valet Seller, you can do both. Access a network of established online retailers and connect your existing channels for a centralized experience.


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