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Launch your brand and products across multiple sales channels utilizing Valet Seller’s reputable storefronts. With our marketplace network and technology, brands can sell and move more products everywhere their customers are shopping online.


How It Works


Upload your products with our easy to use import products tool


Price your products to sell. You control how much you get paid


List your products on 10+ online marketplaces


Manage orders and shipments from a single dashboard


Questions & Answers

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At the end of every month, Valet Seller will send you a report of your sales and a bank transfer of your earnings.

The marketplaces charge 15% of sales. Valet Seller typically charges an additional 5%. If you generate $10,000 in sales each month, your distribution is $8,000.

We charge a 5%-10% commission on sales and have a low monthly fee for managing your listings. The monthly fee varies based on the number of products that you sell with Valet Seller.

As much as we love unique and innovative products, we do need to have a quantity of at least 25 of the same product.

If you decide to use Valet Seller’s fulfillment solution, all orders will be delivered to customers within 2-3 days. This option also qualifies you to receive an ‘Amazon Prime’ badge on your listing, which can further incentivize customers to buy your products.

When making the expansion to marketplace e-commerce, business owners typically decide whether they will open their own seller accounts or utilize resellers & wholesalers to distribute their product on the marketplaces.

With Valet Seller, you can do both. Access a network of established online retailers and connect your existing channels for a centralized experience.

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Download Case Study
Download Case Study

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