Valet Seller – Best Multi Channel eCommerce Platform For SMB's

Understanding Your Dashboard

Your seller portal homepage provides a dashboard highlighting your Orders, Products, Fulfillment, Plus+ Services, Reports, Payment, and Integrations.

You will see a brief summary of your sales on your dashboard, such as total orders, daily average sales, and total sales for the date range selected. You can also see more important insights in the Customer Geography table and the Returning Customer Rate chart.

The Channel Sales Summary shows you which marketplaces your orders are coming from.

Valet Seller offers a variety of helpful features such as a pie graph that summarizes marketplace sales based on date range, a slider showcasing our Plus+ Services, and an opt-in table that displays top-selling product metrics including page views, conversion rate, and ranking.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a quick view of your top-selling products, sales, order volume, total sales, and percentage growth over the date range selected.

Your orders and returns can be found on the second tab at the top of your dashboard as shown below.

Once you are inside the orders page, you will see two tables: Orders and Returns. You will also see an editable date range field that will control which orders or returns are displayed.

Returns that are sent back to our warehouse will be shown in this section

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