Here, you’ll find detailed information on your revenue from each channel, a summary of expenses, and the total disbursement amount.

To get started, simply select the desired month from the calendar located at the top left of the table. This will allow you to view the specific payment details for that month.

Please note that all disbursements are processed on the 5th day of each new month for the sales completed in the previous month. If you are looking for the payment page for the current month and it’s not yet available, rest assured that it will be released on the 5th day of the month. If it’s not available, you will see the below:

Additionally, this page provides you with the option to request payment and conveniently download order and return summaries for your records.

If you need to add or update your payment information for how you receive disbursements, you can do so in the profile here.

Disbursement Calculation Process

All disbursements are calculated on the first day of the month for the sales completed in the month prior. An order is complete once our system has validated that a tracking number has successfully been uploaded to the marketplace where the order was placed. For example, if an order was placed on May 29th, but there was no tracking information uploaded until June 1st, that order would be completed in June rather than completed in May and therefore paid in June disbursements (in July), rather than in May disbursements (in June). It is important to note that our system may be delayed by about 6-12 hours, so if you uploaded tracking in the afternoon on the last day of the month, that could still be pushed to the next day and therefore paid for in the next month. It is important to note that based on our terms and conditions, there are some unlikely circumstances that allow us to hold a payment if for example there was reason to believe it was fraudulent or at high risk of return/chargeback/etc.

Below is an example of a disbursement calculation.

  1. Initial Order Calculation:
    1. Let’s consider an example order with a sale price of $100, sold in January 2023.
    2. The marketplace fee is 15%, which amounts to $15 deducted from the sale price.
    3. Valet Seller’s commission is 5%, which amounts to an additional $5 deducted.
    4. After deducting these fees, your revenue for that order would be paid out the first week of February as $80 ($100 – $15 – $5).
  2. Return Calculation:
    1. In the event of a return, we take into account the initial sale price, as you correctly pointed out. Let’s assume a return for the above sale occurred in March.
    2. Since we already paid you the $80, and deducted the necessary fees, we don’t want to charge you the entire $100 for the return. In order to account for this, we reimburse the fees (referring to the marketplace fee and Valet Seller’s commission) that were already deducted from the initial sale price.
    3. Considering the example order above, if a return occurs, we calculate the return total based on the initial sale price of $100, which was the amount subject to fees.
    4. Therefore, the return total is $80 ($100 – $15 – $5), which reflects the amount that was initially received after deducting the fees.

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