October 2020

Order Status


Order Status Definitions InProcess: The order is paid and is pending fulfillment. Complete: The

Order Status2020-10-27T17:05:30+00:00

Manually Adding Products


With Valet Seller, you can upload your products one-by-one, through a bulk upload, or

Manually Adding Products2020-12-15T16:38:54+00:00

Processing Orders


Congratulations on getting your first sale! It is time to process your order.  Valet

Processing Orders2020-10-27T16:57:23+00:00

Merchant Terms Of Service


You can view the Valet Seller Merchant Terms Of Service here.

Merchant Terms Of Service2020-10-27T16:37:37+00:00

Change Username & Password


To sign in to your Valet Seller account, navigate to our sign-in page and

Change Username & Password2020-10-27T16:36:04+00:00

How Much Is Valet Seller?


Want to partner with Valet Seller to sell your products on the world's

How Much Is Valet Seller?2020-10-27T16:24:03+00:00

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