August Merchant Spotlight

At Valet Seller, we partner with the world’s top-tier brands, equipping them with the arsenal they need to conquer the complex world of online marketplaces. And today, we’re throwing the spotlight onto some of our most fabulous merchants. Let’s dive in! Cut Above Spirits: Pour, Sip, and Savor… Minus the Alcohol! Wondering about the point […]

Expanding Your Brand’s Reach: Sell Your Products on with Valet Seller

It’s no secret that online marketplaces have revolutionized the way consumers shop for their needs. However, as an online seller, it’s crucial to select the right marketplace to get your products in front of the right audience. Today, we are thrilled to introduce an amazing opportunity for your brand to expand its reach: Selling on […]

Valet Seller Partners with

Chill Brands Group plc (“Chill Brands” or the “Company“) Update on Marketplace Agreement with e-commerce agency The Company is pleased to have signed an agreement with Valet Seller, a highly respected e-commerce accelerator supporting more than 500 direct-to-consumer brands. The agreement will facilitate the onboarding of numerous additional brands to the website. Valet […]


On this page, you can integrate your Valet Seller account with platforms like Shopify or Amazon and configure various settings. For Amazon, at the moment we only integrate for Amazon FBA inventory levels. If you sell on your own Amazon, and use FBA, you can integrate by clicking the “Add Integration” > “Add Amazon Integration” […]


Here, you’ll find detailed information on your revenue from each channel, a summary of expenses, and the total disbursement amount. To get started, simply select the desired month from the calendar located at the top left of the table. This will allow you to view the specific payment details for that month. Please note that […]


The Fulfillment Page: Fulfillment Options: If you want to change your shipping method at any point in the future, please reach  out to Additional Fulfillment Services: 

Order Management

This page is where you can view and manage your orders. Once you are inside the orders page, you will see two tables: Orders and Returns. You  will also see an editable date range field that will control which orders or returns are  displayed.  On both tables, use the search bar and available filters to […]

Listing Your Products

You can manage your products here, including adding new ones, editing existing ones, or removing products. Adding products to your Valet Seller dashboard can be done via Shopify Integration, Manual Upload, or Bulk Upload Using a CSV Template.  Listing Your Products Adding products to your Valet Seller dashboard can be  done in 3 ways:  WHAT […]


On your dashboard you can view a variety of tables and charts that show you information about your products, including metrics such as total orders, daily average sales, total sales, defect rate, cancellation rate, customer geography, returning customer rate, and more.  On the top left of your dashboard you will see a calendar icon that […]