​If your ambitions to pursue success through a home-based business are outgrowing your property, a bigger house can be the key to seeing your dream become a reality. Remodeling and adding to your home can be an upsizing option, but it can be costly, and the size of your land may limit it. That’s when moving to a larger property becomes the best solution.


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What to Look For in a House

Before researching homes, you need to consolidate what you are seeking. Your house should first accommodate the practical needs of your business and your family. So, what do you look for in a home when you’re planning such great things under one roof? There’s plenty to consider, such as how to upsize without breaking the bank, how to be smart about the investment, and many more.


The Right Price

The price will eventually dictate what you can and cannot afford to buy. While searching for homes above your price range can be fun, it’s a time sink — even though more than 55 percent of buyers tend to go over their initial budget. Ensure you check the home prices in your neighborhood or the surrounding areas so you have a clue on how much you’d be spending on a new house and which regions match your budget.

The Right Location

The second most crucial factor to consider when home buying is the location. Research your favorite places and if you cannot find anything, try working with a realtor who has more experience and can show you similar areas. Ensure you share your needs, budget, and lifestyle with them so they know what to present to you.


The Property Condition

If you’re a first-time purchaser who hasn’t undergone a renovation project, you may want to choose a house that doesn’t need any or very few changes. The costs can add up rather quickly, and if the property eventually needs structural work, it can delay your move-in significantly, causing more stress. A house in good condition will have a solid roof, foundation, and systems; no signs of water damage; no health dangers; functional windows; and a clean insurance record. It goes without saying that cleaning the whole property is a must before moving in, so make sure you hire a cleaning service​ to make the relocation easier for you.



How to Run a Home-Based Business From Your New House


Most people’s dream is to own a home-based business — no one wants to be monitored around daily by their employer. Even though our ambitions are legitimate, it takes a lot of discipline to start, run and maintain a home-based business. Still, it’s very feasible.


Have a Concrete Business Plan

For any business idea to become a successful venture, there is a need for you to have a proper business plan. The plan will take the shape of a guideline and roadmap and help you clearly understand your goals, prioritize the essential tasks, and assay your objectives. And just like any other startup, you need to license and register your business in the state.


Create a Working Space

Reserve a specific area in your new home just for business and treat it as a business site. Set up working hours when you’re most productive, focusing on work and keeping all home activities on hold during that time. If you have employees, make sure they have the necessary materials, supplies, and space to work. 


Build Business Networks

When you run a home-based business, you tend to focus too much on internal activities and neglect socialization. This may leave you out of date regarding business trends and other successful ways to run a startup. Thus, it is essential to join a local or online business chamber that organizes conferences and other events to remain updated with new issues, trends, and business tools since it is imperative.


The Bottom Line

Many renowned brands, such as Apple and Microsoft, started in a garage. If you have similar aspirations, begin the process by researching the best location to move to, what to look for in a house to match your needs, and how to start a small business at home.