The digital revolution during the pandemic has created new professional profiles. Many of them are related to the world of digital marketing. At the same time, technology continues to be the main protagonist. In this article, we will share with you the top most demanded professional profiles for 2021. Keep reading.


We have been observing a labor revolution linked to the new digital environment from the internet’s hand. The changes that technology has caused have reached all sectors creating new demands for professional profiles with a different dynamic than what we were used to. The youngest, millennials, and Generation Z, are those who have seen this boom in jobs from within because they are practically digital natives.


On the other hand, the pandemic has created a new tool in full growth: teleworking. In recent months, this trend has been a great challenge for companies that they have had to face to stay in this environment. Companies have undergone an almost mandatory transformation process. And as a consequence, they will have to acquire new profiles that adapt to this new world of work. The most requested profiles, as expected, are related to the digital world. 


Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing has reinvented itself to become one of the most demanded sectors. With the alternative of digital marketing, the opportunities for these types of professionals are practically endless. Marketing campaigns have become the preferred strategy for companies to reach their potential customers.


This is how the Digital Marketing Manager profile sneaks into the list. According to a Career Group Companies article, the digital marketing specialist will be essential in any company next year. It is part of the most demanded professional profiles for 2021


The Digital Marketing Specialist should be in charge of creating and implementing marketing campaigns. They also have a broad knowledge of both the company and the sector in which they work.


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


The digitization process has been flawed on many occasions for many e-commerce. Reinvent or die is the motto that many of these companies have learned. Their objective has been to transform their internal structure digitally. This is how the CDO profile arises, being part of the most demanded professional profiles for next year.


The CDO is a professional whose main tasks are creating new business opportunities and offering clients digital services. An important feature is not to confuse the role that the Chief Digital Officer plays with that of the Digital Marketing manager since the CDO is in charge of integrating digital tools in different areas to increase their productivity and profitability.


Artificial Intelligence Specialist

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has become a valuable tool for companies that are committed to digital innovation. It does not matter what area they focus on, as this new tool adapts to many sectors. Artificial Intelligence knowledge is part of the most demanded professional profiles for 2021. It is a complex digital tool that requires a highly qualified professional to handle this field correctly.


The world of digital marketing was not going to be less for AI, and in recent years it has been discovering the benefits that this new tool brings to digital campaigns. It is especially relevant to learn about consumer behavior and offer them personalized communications, according to their tastes and preferences. Selligent, the company in charge of this list, ensures that it applies AI and machine learning in its omnichannel campaigns. “Our algorithms analyze data in real-time, learning from consumer information,” says Romero.


Cloud Consultant


Finally, we have the Cloud Consultant. It arises thanks to the growing trend of teleworking. The truth is that companies have been using the cloud service for a long time to store data and facilitate access to all employees at any time and place. The teleworking trend has boosted the adoption of these types of tools. While also creating new jobs.


This professional is in charge of designing the best cloud solutions for each organization. Besides, it acts as the backbone of the company, as it must ensure the correct functioning of the network so that the rest of the workers can continue with their tasks without connection problems.


We hope this article has helped you understand the most demanded professional profiles for 2021, and hopefully,y your eCommerce can update its positions based on this information.


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