If you want to sell more, you need two things: a buyer person and an idea. What is the buyer person ?: A semi-fictional representation of your potential customer that responds to who you are addressing. Now, an idea refers to asking yourself: How do I get my buyer’s attention and empathize with him?. These two are the start to find essential digital tools to sell more in your eCommerce.


What Are The Essential Tools That You Should Handle?


  1. Social Media, Communities, And Social Ads.

Your brand should be standing out in online communities. But wait! You should first find out where your buyer persona is because they may not be on all social media. When you have identified where it is, create a community with significant engagement and a lot of love. After choosing the best App that suits your eCommerce, you can try creating Social Media advertisement to expose your products.


  1. SEO


If in 2020 you have not yet started working on your brand’s SEO, now is the time. According to this Forbes article, SEO still matters a lot in 2020, and it’s undoubtedly part of the digital tools to sell more this year.


So, you can start with SEO On Page. You can create a simple, intuitive, and friendly web architecture. After, you can work on the metadata of all the pages of your website. Finally, generate relevant content on your website’s theme for Google to position you as a benchmark in your area.


  1. SEM

SEM manages to take your business to the first positions much faster than SEO. So you should not rule out its use entirely. If you don’t want to invest a lot of resources, you can run performance tests. You can use tests to search which keywords attract the most traffic and which ones convert the most. The primary tool to enhance the visibility of your website in search engines is Google Ads. Google Ads is part of the digital tools to sell more and with it, you can reach your audience through segmented campaigns.


  1. Growth Hacking

Indeed the most unknown channel of all. Growth Hacking is a growth method widely used by startups based on searching for ideas and tactics to achieve maximum scalability at least effort. It is part of the digital tools to sell more this year. 

Thanks to virality, it is possible to reach many more users with strategies such as the freemium model, referral program, or collaboration with other platforms.


  1. Viral Marketing


Create content with messages that appeal to your audience and want to share with their relatives. Although it is not, it seems simple but very useful to create interest in your brand and generate community.


  1. Content Marketing


Establish a content plan based on your buyer persona to become their first option when they want to learn about the topics that interest them the most. Content marketing helps you gain visibility in search engines, attract your potential customers in all their stages of purchase in which they are, and generate a brand.


  1. Email Marketing


It is the tool that converts the most, as long as you have a well-built, healthy database related to your brand. Segment your contacts according to their interaction with your brand and send them personalized content to retain them.