The most common trend during the pandemic is that eCommerce has grown significantly. Many sectors have had to adapt to the new needs of the pandemic’s consumer springs. According to the current outlook, we can now identify artificial intelligence trends for 2021.

Current consumers have become more tolerant of advanced technological tools. Therefore, Adaptation opens the possibility that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence become protagonists in the eCommerce field during the pandemic.


Artificial Intelligence technology applied to retailers is already a reality. These tools are implemented to help understand how consumers behave. Even brands that seemed to be lagging are beginning to become familiar with this type of technology. In that way, you should get familiar with Ecommerce trends after covid-19, for example. 


So here’s an overview of what you can expect in 2021. Next year might be a year of rebuilding our lives. As well as rethinking business strategies and priorities.


Smarter Analysis And Insights From Big Data


During this ongoing pandemic, we have seen first-hand the urgent need to rapidly analyze and interpret data.  Governments, global health agencies, academic research centers, and industry have come together to develop new ways to work with information. These aspects are part of artificial intelligence trends for 2021. 


As the World Economic Forum highlights, technological advancement is the main reason this pandemic has not been worse. It has not (yet) killed as many as other historical events. For example, the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak claimed up to 50 million lives. Advances in medical technology and standards of care to advances in communication technology made it possible to detect attacks more quickly and enforce lockdowns. 


The growth in the amount of scientific and medical literature alone is enormous. With more than 28,000 articles published as of April this year related to Covid-19. A dedicated search engine powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms have already been made available. So anyone can enlist AI’s assistance in researching this massive data set.


Automated Detection And Prevention


We have already seen the use of drones in various jurisdictions. Including the United States. Drones monitor whether social distancing guidelines are being followed or not. They detect COVID symptoms (high temperatures in crowded places). These systems use computer vision technology to analyze data captured by drone cameras. Therefore, drones inform local authorities or administrators of statistics and probabilities around the virus’s spread.

Another related growth area will be facial recognition technology. Also part of artificial intelligence trends for 2021. Computer vision algorithms drive facial recognition technology. Somewhat more controversial as it focuses on identifying individuals rather than patterns between groups of people.  Likewise, law enforcement has used facial recognition to detect lockdowns and people avoiding quarantine.


Finally, the evidence suggests that the public has become more tolerant of surveillance tactics than before. This tolerance is likely to be further tested in the next 18 months. As technologists become more adept at AI-powered surveillance and even enforcement.


Recovering Business: Predicting Behavioral Transformation


The way we live, work, and socialize has been dramatically affected by the spread of Covid-19. There has been a consistent and robust trend towards digital in many aspects of society. We have witnessed a stampede this year. For instance, Amazon’s sales during the second quarter of 2020 were up 40% from the same period last year.


Artificial Intelligence tools and platforms already exist to help companies understand how their customers adapt to a new reality. Organizations that previously lagged in their adoption of digital channels for commerce and relationship building have come to understand the urgency of the situation and are rapidly becoming familiar with concepts such as behavior analysis and personalization. 

Tools that provide organizations with self-service access to this technology will become part of artificial intelligence trends for 2021. Therefore, as small and medium-sized businesses, you should seek to establish a competitive advantage.