This article will explain to you the sales funnel important within your selling strategy. Sales funnel will help you increase your potential customers. Your conversion ratio will get high, and you will improve your sales in the short term. But first, you need to know how to use a sales funnel to increase your customers.


Many times a large investment is not necessary to increase your sales. Know which part of the funnel is failing to improve and increase that ratio instantly.


What is a Sales Funnel?


A colloquial definition of the Sales Funnel would be “The way a company plans to attract a customer.” Sales funnel the entire process of converting client contacts to a sale or a deal. This sales funnel is especially important as it will help you determine which part of the sales process fails. Likewise, you can solve it and improve your conversion rate.


Although it depends on the company, the marketing department will be in charge of designing and monitoring the sales funnel. But It is necessary to use sales analysis and prospecting techniques that are not usually found in other company departments.


Stages of the Sales Funnel


If you are wondering how to make a sales funnel correctly to improve your website or business conversion, here are the phases or stages and essential points to consider. Keep reading to know how to use a sales funnel successfully. 

  • Lead, Data, or Contact 

It is the first stage of contact with our clients. The client will find you at this stage, and your sales funnel system will begin to be filled with leads or contacts. Remember, The content you use to capture information in the TOFU (Top of the Funnel) stage should never be sales-oriented. To improve your content, we recommend reading How to Create A One Month Content for your eCommerce.

  • Prospectus 

At this stage, you identify and classify the leads generated in the first. It is essential because if you filter the potential clients correctly, it will save you later commercial efforts. In conclusion, a good prospect stage helps you not invest time and money in those leads generated that are not potential customers. This stage is essential if you want to know how to use a sales funnel successfully.

  • Opportunity


This stage of your sales funnels works when the potential customer became interested in some content or offer. This stage would also include the case in which the company makes contact with the client and responds by paying interest.


How To Qualify A Sales Opportunity?


Offline Media: Each seller must have a list of Smart Questions whose answers do not reach the funnel’s end and allow you to know what arguments you can use to close or abandon the opportunity.

Online Media: In online media, you will not be able to ask questions. So it would be best if you carried out a Lead Nuturing so that they advance faster through the funnel and Lead Scoring to score each lead based on the actions it takes. To detect what needs, what problem, or what topic is of interest the leads have, it will be necessary to develop a strategy based on providing solutions.

  • Qualification


The qualification stage will determine what needs our lead offers them a product or service in line at this commercial stage.


Offline Media: In many offline consumer goods, it is the case that the closing of the sale occurs at the same time as the classification or commercial visit.


Online Media: If your product is online, you should only have made the database correctly identifying all the interactions made by each Lead to offer precisely the product or service you need.

  • Closure


The closing is the last stage on how to use a sales funnel. This stage will begin when we have closed the negotiation, and the client accepts the order, purchase, or service.

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