Five Best Multichannel Listing Softwares for E-Commerce Sellers

While many e-commerce sellers and small business owners start their online selling journey through a website on Shopify or an online retailer, like Amazon, it’s crucial to diversify throughout a couple of marketplaces so you can attain a much wider customer base, protect your brand, improve SEO, and skyrocket sales.

Branching out to new channels will require additional investment, time, and headaches. Regardless of the number of marketplaces you sell on, it is very important to remain consistent across all of them. Trying to do this yourself, without any special tools or software will lead you to issues such as getting approved to sell in certain stores, managing inventory, and standing out among competitors. This will seriously limit your business’s potential for success.

Instead, you could use multichannel listing software to successfully and seamlessly list your products across multiple marketplaces. Some even provide access to their established storefronts, so you don’t need to worry about connecting your sales channels.

Here are the top five multi-channel listing software for small businesses and e-commerce sellers:

  1. Valet Seller
  2. Channel Advisor
  3. SellBrite
  4. Ecomdash
  5. List Perfectly

1. Valet Seller

Valet Seller empowers small businesses and e-commerce sellers to gain instant access to multiple sales channels through their established seller accounts, manage inventory, and monitor inventory. Besides this, they offer 3PL fulfillment services, FBA Prep, and additional marketing services.

Valet Seller takes multichannel listing to the next level by combining an e-commerce management tool with the ability to sell through their network of online stores, giving brands instant access to major marketplaces.

Without Valet Seller, brands would resort to listing directly on the e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. After doing this, brands often struggle with approvals, multi-channel inventory management, storefront set-up, and the saturated nature of these marketplaces. SMBs may also resort to using costly software or ineffective consulting agencies and struggle to maintain profits.

2. ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is a publicly-traded multi-channel listing software with extensive capabilities. The software allows for automatization and synchronization across various channels like Amazon, Walmart, Google, eBay, Facebook, and more. On top of this, ChannelAdvisor provides merchandising and marketing integrations and product intelligence.

3. SellBrite

SellBrite allows retailers, brands, and e-commerce sellers to cross-list their products across multiple sales channels through simple and easy to use interface. With SellBrite, you can prevent overselling, list to multiple channels at once, and monitor fulfillment.

4. EcomDash

EcomDash provides automated multichannel inventory sync and provides connections to over 50 platforms including Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy and more. The tool also allows you to manage your inventory simply across several channels and gain more control over your product listings.

5. List Perfectly

List Perfectly provides unlimited crossposting across several different marketplaces including Etsy, Mercari, Depop, and Grailed. This software is perfect for small and part-time sellers who might have their own clothing company or are looking to get rid of items around their home.

So which multichannel listing software is right for you?

All eCommerce sellers are different from one another and have their own unique products and budgets. Therefore, there is no absolute best multichannel listing software. The size of your business, the solutions you need, and channels you would like to sell on all factor in to which software is best for you. A majority of the above software’s offer free trials and plans for your business to try out and determine the best solution for you.