As we have told you on our social media, the accounting closure of 2020 is approaching. November and December is the largest discount season in the world. Likewise, sellers and brands of all sizes and verticals take the opportunity to promote their products and services online. At this point of the year, you might be wondering about strategies to boost your sales in December, right?

Undoubtedly this year the competition has been great. The coronavirus’s confinement partly caused the accelerated digitization that many companies have had to face. The crisis has prompted brands and stores to offer more discounts to boost sales. In this blog, we will disclose some tips to get through an effective 2020 sales closure.

Get ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve:

According to Digital Commerce 360, in 2019, online sales increase a lot. Consumers spent $601.75 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2019, up 14.9% from $523.64 billion the prior year. This year’s expectations for sectors such as retail, travel, and fashion growth of 50%. 

With the coronavirus pandemic, the growth of e-commerce has been unprecedented globally. Both on web platforms and in applications. For this reason, you have to pay special attention to your platforms and how effective your channels are for online purchases in this edition and make the most of it. And also how to boost your sales in December.

Here, In Valet Seller, we bring you five different aspects you have to enhance to make it real:

1. Infrastructure Scalability

In high seasons, online traffic doubles or triples, and your infrastructure scalability needs to be elastic. Infrastructure scalability might be vital to boosting your sales in December. This requires a system that allows applications to be monitored and automatically adjusted to maintain high, stable, and intuitive performance. While still performing optimally when demand changes. This type of infrastructure will allow application scaling for different resources for various services in minutes.

2. Quick Response

The time you’re taking to conclude a sale might be too long to catch your lead. Time to respond to your customer’s needs must be immediate. Customers don’t want to miss out on an offer. For this reason, your platform has to be efficient and have content management tools, which allow you to design the structure of a website without transforming or interfering with the coding. Effective platforms will also facilitate the experience for the user by reacting quickly. You also might require reviewing your selling skills. There are many ways to create a memorable shopping experience for your customer.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The technological tools of Artificial Intelligence are changing the way of how businesses work. Incorporating them into your platforms allows you to deliver improved, personalized experiences, and very competitive for the final consumer. Creating an Artificial Intelligence experience for the customer can help you to boost your sales in December.

According to Forbes, Artificial Intelligence has broadened to hoard the medical and care system creating much better responses to detecting and preventing corona cases. Something similar happens to fashion and grocery store e-commerce. Artificial Intelligence provides useful tools to meet your products like it was in real life. 

4. Automated Marketing

Although customers may not like feeling haunted by ads, they welcome messages focused on what they want or need. They don’t even mind sharing their data if it helps to have a unique experience. This can complicate marketing efforts. However, marketing automation tools reduce this effort to personalize experiences, delivering what each customer needs.

5. Compliance in delivery time

Complying with what was promised is the minimum a customer expects when buying. Otherwise, they may feel cheated, even if you arrived minutes after the appointed time. Shipping processing is one of the most complicated tasks in eCommerce and can make a difference in the entire purchase experience. That is why it is essential to have an order orchestrator that helps each generated order be fulfilled and that everything arrives.

In addition to these tips, you can learn more about the vital tools to run your eCommerce. Remember that the most important thing is to prepare and plan so that you are a winner this time and do not miss opportunities to recover your sales.