Title Notes

Title Structure:

<Brand Name> + <Main Search Phrase> + <3 Keywords> , <Main Use> ,<Size Name*> , <Color Name*>

  • Capitalize the first letter of each word
  • Avoid duplicate words
  • Don’t use the type of company (Ltd, Srl., Inc., etc.)
  • Don’t use symbols and Type 1 High ASCII characters (@&*!~©Æ and so on)
  • Don’t use subjective descriptors such as “Great Item,” “Hot Seller” or “Best Product”
  • Don’t use promotional and pricing descriptors such as “Free Shipping” or “Sale”

Bullet Point Notes

  • Begin with a capital letter
  • Be formatted as a sentence fragment; don’t use end punctuation
  • Reiterate important information from the title and description where applicable
  • Use semicolons to separate phrases within a single bullet point
  • Be more than 10 characters but less than 255 characters

Description Notes

The product description lists the product features, explains what the product is used for, and provides
other product-specific information.

A good product description is concise, honest, and friendly. It introduces the product and gives an
overview of its uses and where it fits in its category. It can expand on the features mentioned in the bullet

When writing your product description:

  • Use between 100 and 200 words
  • Write full sentences