While large corporations try to improve their sales in the digital arena, thousands of startups are trying to get involved in the same arena. Although the landscape has opened up competition, this has caused market saturation. Likewise, small entrepreneurships do not have the money to invest in comprehensive digital marketing strategies as others. This is why you need to know what products to sell online.

Thanks to digital implements, as a small business owner, people have a chance to do most of the work on their own. In fact, marketers use digital platforms to sell or develop social networks as a commercial channel. However, selling online requires taking action on any sales channel.


Besides, with the use of temporality and other types of strategies, you can be more successful. BlackFriday.com indicates that by 2019 there were 84.2 million shoppers (followed by 59.9 million shoppers on Small Business Saturday and 37.8 million on Thanksgiving). Either way, thinking about the strategies to implement for a new company can be the least. Focusing on the audience and especially on the turn of your business will be essential.

If you don’t know what to sell to get the maximum profit, there is a way to understand the trends. To take a fresh approach and steer you in the right direction, being aware of what users prefer will help.


Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories have become one of the trends on ideal products to sell online. With smartphones becoming a vital part of our lives, it stands to reason that phone accessories are great items to sell online. According to Statista, in 2017, 79 percent of smartphone owners bought a protective case on their phone.


Video games

Since video games tend to be expensive, consumers often turn to independent sellers for other alternatives. Based on GrandViewResearch, the global video game market size was valued at USD 151.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% 2020 to 2027. This type of trade can be very profitable.



By 2022, the fashion industry is expected to reach a staggering $ 5.6 billion in sales. In fact, we’re starting to see more and more traditional brands getting up to date on social media. They’re even using advanced technologies to broaden their selling online capacity.  This is why this type of alternatives is ideal for products to sell online.



This type of business is one of the most profitable ones, mainly if you focus on luxury watches. It may seem that it is not a business that is available for sale online, but the truth is that several companies are already on the net, and their results are being the most positive. 1.2 billion watches have been sold around the world each year. Accessing this market can be affordable as it is becoming incredibly popular online.



This product has even been placed as one of the most profitable products to sell on eBay and Amazon platforms. If you find it weird to read about LEGO as a potential product to sell online, you might read about niches and eCommerce businesses to get updated.


Eco-friendly t-shirts and bags 

Green is the 2020 tendency, and for a good reason. You need to look at Google search results to see that surfers are more concerned about ecology, sustainability, how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, and related topics.



The market for online courses, such as those offered by companies like Udemy or Coursera, make access to knowledge more manageable and more comfortable, therefore popular.


What if I want to sell my art online?

If you are an artist, an excellent way to sell your designs, illustrations, and images online is to translate them into some physical product. And we’re not just talking about pictures! Putting your original designs on everyday products is a great way to monetize your art. Let your fans take your creations with them wherever they go on their t-shirts, mobiles, etc.

You know what it takes. Now it’s time to get down to business. Search what products will interest your niche, make them unique, and start selling! Here in Valet Seller, we help throughout the process.