We’re facing a digital era where more ECommerce sites are emerging. But starting your own is not a fast and easy task. Neither is the ECommerce management you have to work with when boosting your online site. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to create and proper management. Keep reading and find out common ECommerce management mistakes you should avoid.

Thanks to others’ experiences, there’s room to understand and become familiar with these common errors. Sometimes made due to lack of experience. Or simply because we’re newbies in the business. 


1. Low-quality design. If you want to invest in something valuable, start with the design!

Attractive: It might seem less important than other features, but a good design facilitates many processes. A professional design and a quality logo will help you attract your target audience. And it sure will help to reduce the risk of commit common ECommerce management mistakes.

Practical: Your online store’s web design should not only target an aesthetically attractive design (although this certainly helps). It must also focus on getting the potential customer to the end of their purchase process as quickly as possible. 

Therefore, designing practical ECommerce helps you to make the whole purchase process friendly. It also helps to increase your performance in selling products higher. It is not only about being visually attractive but being practical and functional. Without these features, you can hardly raise your sales online. (learn more about How To Manage Multichannel ECommerce During The Coronavirus Crisis Successfully)

This year, the average user’s level of demand for buying online has increased. So you should not spare money, time, and effort on making your eCommerce look good. 


Some advice for your ECommerce functionality we should take into account:














  • Provide customers with a series of filter fields to save them time and effort.
  • Edit your products with different sizes, colors, and prices, as it happens with clothes. 
  • Give the customer options to retrace steps. For example, adding a navigation route (breadcrumb) on the page. That way, you don’t force the customer to click on their browser’s back arrows repeatedly. At the end of the day, you’re preventing them from losing attention to your site.








Implement these tips, and the risk of commit common ECommerce management mistakes will be reduced. The general call to action is: differentiate yourself from the competition. Provide the customer with a sense of confidence, and transmit professionalism through your ECommerce! 


2. Creating content without thinking about the customer. Drawing your customer’s attention is vital!

Valuable content: Content marketing provides essential advantages to grow in multiple digital channels. It allows your brand to share its experience with current and potential customers. This seeks to retain and engage them.

According to a survey conducted by Beyond Points in April 2020, 68% of e-commerce businesses have a hard time attracting profitable customers to their site. Occasionally, these problems arise due to the lack of attention in segmenting, grouping, and analyzing what type of clients you have. It is vital to focus your efforts thinking about what content fits your customers better. Believe it or not, it is also part of common ECommerce management mistakes we see every day.

Catch attention: It is essential to generate content that the customer is interested in. Content recognizable as innovative and catches attention at the same time. For example, if you sell food products, you can create content that talks about the health benefits of eating well or in a certain way. Following this path, you’ll find how essential it is to improve your ECommerce strategies.

Enhance your team plan and search for strategies that can help your ECommerce grow.


3. You are ignoring how vital SEO is. It certainly gives results in the mid and long term.











Although it might seem surprising, giving low importance to SEO is more recurrent than you think. It belongs to common ECommerce management mistakes owners usually make. Here is a friendly reminder: the better the positioning in Google search results, the more likely the user will click on our link and visit our website. 

Appearing on the top: Think for a moment as a user doing a specific search. Do you go to the second page of the results ever? Therefore, the goal is to appear on the first page of the search engine, and the higher, the better. Please, do not fall into the mistake of thinking that you are already well-positioned if they search for your name, and it does come out at the top.

While SEO’s relevance is not the same as it was a while ago, it is also a reality that many companies have abandoned its implementation unnecessarily. Daily, SEO benefits companies that know how to use it. Perhaps it is not the central element of your strategy, but it is still useful.

Do you make any of these mistakes in eCommerce? Would you add another to the list? Could you share your experiences with us? Learn more about strategies to compete with major brands here.