Valet Seller offers Merchants the option of shipping orders directly to customers. Merchant shall ship the Products for orders placed through the Valet Seller App to the address of the buyer (or the buyer’s intended recipient) within the time periods defined in the Merchant’s profile page. All shipments of Products shall be shipped Delivered Duty Paid to buyer’s designated address (or DDP, as defined in Incoterms 2010, and meaning that Merchant is responsible for delivering Products to the address of the buyer or buyer’s intended recipient and shall pay all costs, including relevant import duties and taxes, to ship Products to their destination). Merchant acknowledges and agrees that different marketplaces of the Valet Seller App may be subject to different shipping and inventory requirements, as communicated to Merchant by Valet Seller, and Merchant is responsible for complying with all such terms and conditions that Merchant accepts in the course of accessing or using any marketplace of the Valet Seller App.


Options For Shipping