With Valet Seller, you can upload your products one-by-one, through a bulk upload, or through your Shopify store. Below we will show you how to add products one-by-one:

To start, navigate to the Valet Seller App. Select the ‘Products’ tab and then select ‘Add Products’.

Add Products

On the next page, fill out the necessary information such as titles, bullet points, product identifiers, keywords, and pricing. As you can see, a SKU will be automatically generated for you:

Here are the fields you will need to fill out:

Product Details: Product details include product name (title), brand, category, description, and images. These details give buyers a clear view of the product being offered and can be used to highlight special features. Mandatory attributes are subject to change depending on the category you are listing your products in.

  1. Name: The name of your product
  2. SKU: A SKU is a unique identifier for your product. You can name this whatever you would like.
  3. Category: Select the product category of the product you are selling
  4. Marketplace: Select which marketplaces you would like to sell your product on
  5. Description: The description you provide should pertain to the product in general, not your particular item
  6. Bullet Points: Use these to highlight some of the product’s most important qualities
  7. Weight (lbs.): The weight of your product
  8. Length (in.): The length of your product
  9. Width (in.): The width of your product
  10. Height (in.): The height of your product

Photos & Video

Uploading Photos & Videos: We accept most JPG, PNG, GIF, and other common image types in any size larger than 1000×1000 pixels. Avoid compressing images.


Search Terms: Search terms that describe your product: no repetition, no competitor brand names.

Brand Type: Here you will select which brand name you want your product to be listed under. Please note that if you decide to use your own brand name, your product might take longer to be listed.

Offer: Offer details include the product’s condition, price, quantity, shipping options, etc. You can update your offer information at any time.

  1. Retail Price (MSRP): Optional field – the price suppliers suggest to sell for.
  2. Price*: The price you would like to sell your product for.
  3. Max Product Discount: Please enter here the maximum percentage off you are willing to sell your product for. Our team will only apply discounts when fitting. Offering promotions are an excellent way to give your newly launched product a boost. 

Product IDs: For most categories, you are required to provide a unique product identifier. If you are unsure whether or not this applies to your product, select “Product does not have identifiers (UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN)”

  1. UPC: Universal Product Code 
  2. EAN: European Article Number
  3. ISBN: International Standard Book Number 
  4. GTIN: Global Trade Item Number

Once you’re done entering the product information, you can save the listing as a draft or publish it right away.