Online businesses rely on different factors to increase their sales. Matter of fact, the customer can decide or not to purchase without consulting a rep. Most people rely on other customers’ reviews to make up their minds.

Knowing your current customers are also the ones that will attract or not new customers, you need strategies to promote positive reviews. Reviews are a key factor when someone buys online. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The same BrightLocal survey found that positive customer reviews make 73% of customers trust a business more, and 57% of customers visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews. 

We know this might be scary, because it is something you cannot control, however, you can influence the reactions and reviews your customer might leave on yours. This is why, when running an online business you need to create strategies to promote positive reviews on every purchase. 

Today we will share three key strategies you can use for your business. 

Identify the right moment to ask 

Asking for a review is not a crazy strategy as you might think. If you are sure you provided the best service, the best assistance, and stick to your company’s values, it’s almost certain you will have a happy customer. 

So asking for a review it’s an important strategy, the same BrightLocal survey found that, of the 74% of customers who were asked to provide feedback, 68% were willing to do it. You just need to know when to ask. 

Make sure you ask for customer reviews at strategic moments along the customer journey. It can be after they experience or demonstrate success with your product or service. When they re-purchase or re-order. After they tag your brand in a post on social media. If they are spending time on your website browsing other products or services. If they refer another customer to you


strategies to promote positive reviews


Choose the right method

According to BigCommerce, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates. 

Train your team to ask for reviews after every successful project or service. Incorporate requests for reviews as part of your email marketing automation campaigns. Use NPS (Net promoter score) to identify promoters (your happiest customers) at scale and have your service team foster relationships with them.

Create different places to leave reviews

Give them options and make it easy. You can use Yelp, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Better Business Bureau. You can make sure your customers leave reviews outside your website, to create more opportunities to convert sales. 

BrightLocal found that Yelp and Facebook were consumers’ most trusted source of customer reviews in the U.S., so make sure your business is registered and up-to-date. 

When asking for reviews, share the link to the customer, give them options, and always make the process easy for them.

To sum up, you don’t need to invest lots of money to have a strategy to Promote Positive Reviews, instead, you need to educate your team and teach them your values. Because at the end of the day that’s what they will show to the customer and it will become great customer experiences with sharing.

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