Let’s talk about the reason why you need a Live Chat Box on your website. On our previous blog, we shared three great live chat software you can integrate into your website and give you great advantages. 

Having tools like a live chat box to improve the customer experiences is already a great advantage you need to have for your e-commerce. Here the reasons why you need a live chatbox.

A Live Chat Can Increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website

A customer in a store, most of the time seeks for assistance and help, imagine a customer on a website trying to make up his mind on buying a product. Imagine them alone and with no guidance. 

Integrating a live chatbox can help you provide immediate assistance to your customer without them having to leave the website. This will increase the conversion rate of your online business. 

With live chat customers that clicked will be able to interact with your live chat agents to clarify any questions that they might have. This allows you to help resolve inquiries quickly, helping new customers or loyal customers make decisions faster as a result. 


live chat box


Make multichannel support easier

If you have a multichannel business it is possible to integrate all of them. Some tools work together and can make this happen, we are talking about the help desk and live chat together. These tools will allow you to manage all the customer inquiries in one place. 

Imagine yourself already struggling to keep consistent communication with your customers, and having inquiries coming from all the marketplaces and social media your e-commerce business is in. These tools allow you to have your live chat business located in one space, where your customer service team is ready to assist any customer inquiry.

A Live Chat Save time for both your customers and your company

Time is an important asset in any relationship, and time is money, and the longer it takes you to answer the customer the harder it will be to create a legit connection with your customers and if a customer doesn’t feel like they can trust you they will not buy.  

Going forward, offering live chat support is the most effective way to respect your customers’ time. It doesn’t require your customers to leave their shopping experiences to get answers, and they don’t have to get on the phone or to wait for someone to respond to an email.

Humanize your e-commerce store

Humans look for connection, whether we are doing everything online or not, humans look for connections. So when a customer purchases online a great decisive thing that makes him or her complete an order is feeling cared for.

Having a friendly chat box offers instant support from a real person, which feels more like a traditional store experience than just having a phone number customers can call or an email address to contact.


live chat box

In conclusion, having a live chat box on your website will create a better connection between your business and your customers, which will save you time and will increase the chances to create sales. We think it is a great asset you should include in your store.