Let’s talk about productivity and how to get more productivity in your e-commerce. It’s essential to find ways to manage your business, and stay on task; so that you can create and fulfill orders in the most productive manner.

If we aren’t diligent in planning workloads, measuring productivity, life will get harder and it will be more difficult to stay on track with your daily activities.

But what is productivity? Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person completing a task. But above all, is getting important things done consistently. Going forward, being productive is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything.

Today we will like to share some tips, to help you boost your productivity in your e-commerce. Because it is not about having a huge workload, but to know how to delegate certain tasks to automatic tools and people and doing what is important during the day.

Taking the most out of the hours we have to invest in our business is the best thing we can do. So let’s start sharing what we think are the things you can be doing to boost your productivity.

Use the Right Tools:

There’re many tools to help you manage your online business. Choose the right ones. This will guarantee you make the most out of them and turn them into better results for your business.

You might be thinking about what tools can I use to be more productive, here we share some tools:

  • Logistic software:

    These tools can help you manage some activities that are essential for your e-commerce, for example, they can send alerts about shipment status and updates. Some tools can help you manage the day-to-day operations within your warehouse. Forecast your demands. These tools can help you manage your transportations. Also to Process orders, management, fulfillment, billing, and order to cash and more. Logistics tools can help you save time and headaches.

  • Management Tools:

    Management tools if used correctly can help you increase your productivity, help define and execute the strategy, engage with customers and employees, and monitor performance. Some of the things that a management tool can help you with strategic planning, these tools can improve your customer relationship management. These are great tools to organize your projects and delegate.

  • Marketing Tools:

    Marketing is a part of your business that you can’t just ignore, there are lots of marketing tools in the market. These can help you with some of the following, Identify influencers for your marketing team and leads for your sales team. Some marketing tools have the option to manage several things of your business like, blogging, SEO, social media, website, landing pages, Calls-to-Action, Marketing Automation, Email, analytics, and more.

These are some of the tools you can be used to increase productivity in your e-commerce.

Use the right tools

Manage your Inventory in Categories:

The layout of your online catalog is crucial. Not only will well-organized merchandise be more accessible for your customers to browse through and find what they’re looking for, but it will also be easier for you to manage.

Inventory management is the part of supply chain management that aims to always have the right products in the right quantity for sale, at the right time. When done effectively, businesses reduce the costs of carrying excess inventory while maximizing sales.

There are very specific tools to help you manage your inventory properly. And when chosen correctly, the right inventory tools can help your business to, reduce costs, improve cash flow, and boost your business’s bottom line.

Inventory tools can help you keep track of your inventory in real-time. It prevents product and production shortages. And they can also prevent excess stock and too many raw materials.

Manage your inventory

Create a Work Schedule:

Our last tip to get more productivity in your e-commerce is to focus on your work schedule. Setting up a work schedule with daily tasks and to-do lists is an excellent way to stay on top of your shop. You can set up instant notifications and email alerts when new sales are made, which will allow you to ship your products more efficiently.

Here are some more tips that can help you create a great work schedule, however, always keep in mind that what might work for others might not work for you. And when it comes to scheduling your work to increase your productivity it is all about trial and error.

  • Create a morning routine:

    Create morning habits that are easy to follow and that help you boost your energy every morning. Have a great breakfast, exercise, meditate.

  • Focus on three big tasks for the day:

    Most of the time we are solving the little problems and tasks of the day, and these simple acts actually take time for the really important duties we might need to tackle during the day.

  • Rest, Take a break in the middle of the day:

    Take time off in the middle of the day, rest, eat, and come back and do the work. It is not easy to take breaks, but having a rested mind will help you be more productive.

  • Schedule calls and meetings in the afternoon:

    Do the most important activities in the morning and leave the time-consuming meetings and calls for the afternoon.

  • Use HubStaff to effectively track your time:

    Hubstaff makes it easy for e-commerce teams to track time at home or even in the office. It’s an excellent tool for managing virtual assistants, too.

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique:

    You are not a robot, you need to rest. And to do so you need to rest. Using the Pomodoro technique can help you tackle your activities without burning out.

  • Keep your routine flexible:

    You have a life, and your life matters, you don’t have to do exactly the same every single day. Take time to be with your family, take time to rest, and to meditate if the routines you are following are actually helping you.

Create a Work Schedule

Everything is about practice and error, you will not have everything figured out when starting your online business, but you do know that you need to give it time, test tools, and organize yourself.

In conclusion, it is all about time, time will give you the knowledge you need to continue improving. Invest in tools to make your life easier, create routines that make sense, rest, and start again. You got this!

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