Today we are going over the step by step on how to create one month of content. Instead of giving you just a general overview of what you need to be thinking when creating your social media calendar, we will give you a step by step on how to do it. 

It isn’t easy to grow a business, and whether you are selling a product, service, or information, putting it out there is not easy, and today we will give you 4 simple steps to do it. 

Always remember that the one thing you can’t leave on the side is your business itself. Yes, it is important to market it but you also need to keep a close eye on the important process, data, logistics, quality, customer service, etc.

That’s why we are giving you these strategies and talking about scheduling posts. We want you to have a great strategy but also we want you to have time to focus on the other things that matter.

We talked about why it is important to schedule content and prepare ahead of time. Now let’s go a little deeper. Here’s a step by step on how to create one month of content.


First, you need to Pick 4 main topics.


What do you want to share on your social media? What do you want to show to your audience? What are the things your brand stands for? What messages do I want to send?

These are some questions you should be asking yourself before creating content. Based on the answers you can create a topic for each of the weeks of the month.

Let us give you an example: we, as Valet Seller, offer other businesses the option to list their products on multiple online marketplaces, we want to give the opportunity to small businesses to start on these big marketplaces without having to wait long periods of time to be approved. 

Based on the previous statement, every week we think about the content we want to share with our audience because we want to give you guys valuable information if you are going to start all by yourself. 

Here four week of topics example:

week 1: Different marketplaces

week 2: Tips to create great product listings

week 3: Tools that can make your life as marketer easy

week 4: How to create an online store. 


One month of social media content


Secondly, you need to find out Where to post and when? 


This step is important if you are not going to be creating social media advertisements and will only rely on organic interactions. Based on the statistics and insights of your platforms you find out who your audience is, and the best time to be engaging with them.

We also recommend you post on all your social media, Instagram, Facebook, website, Twitter. A great thing about this is that you don’t have to create different content for each platform, you can use them and create a variation for each if you find it necessary.

You can click here to download our customizable calendar.


The third step is to Work on the positioning. 


Explore the emotional reason your customers are reaching out to you, why they pick you, your product, and create captions, blogs, and newsletters that resonate with it. Make people feel your brand.

You might be wondering how to do this, if you feel lost, you can ask your audiences, make them engage, create polls on Facebook or Instagram, and ask what they want to see and learn. You will find an example on the customizable calendar we are sharing on today’s blog, click here to get it. 


One month of content


Calls to actions.


At the end of the day, the goal of creating content, and putting so much work into it is because you want to make sales. You want to increase your sales and reach and get to more people.

So every piece of content you create should be directing your audiences to your pages, registration, leads, sales, and more. 

You can also do this by creating polls, live videos where you teach or explain your craft, create video content that talks about your brand. On every post, you can talk about your product, incentivize people to go to your page. Talk about the great thing you or your product can do for them. 

One thing that is important to you and your audience is for you to serve them. And how you might think, you can create content about what you think you were missing when you started. Why is your product important for you and why it might be important for them. 

What is important is to be creative and stay true to yourself when starting on the social media world. People are attracted to authenticity. If you still don’t feel clear about how to plan the month, you can click here to download our customizable worksheet and  

We hope this step by step on how to create a month of content helped you out. If you still have doubts you can download here our customizable worksheet, you will also find examples on a pdf you can download here. 

Going forward, we know running an online business is not easy, that’s why we are here to help you out. While we help you run your business you can focus on other parts of your strategies that can make your brand grow. Click here if you want to find out more about it.