Today we will talk about scheduling your posts for social media, to save time and prepare better campaigns. Remember, when you are starting an online business, the job doesn’t end when you launch your store, you need to present it to the world, and make people find it and fall in love with it. 

One of the easiest ways to reach people and get them to know your product or brand is to use social media. And there are lots of strategies surrounding social media, but the one thing you can do is to have consistency.

Consistency is key to the process. Not only do you have to create appealing ways to show off your products, but you also need a staple aesthetic, share a story, create a beautiful way to engage with your customers, but above all, you need to do it every day or at least 5 times per week. 

Scheduling your post for social media will help you along this process, so you have time to plan ahead of the content and the message you will be sent to your audience. 

Now to do so you will need to plan a week, or 2, or even a month ahead. 

What does this mean? It means that for someone to take a business seriously they need to feel how reliable the brand is, they need to fall in love with the products and they will only do it for an appealing product. They will follow the brand that makes sense and vibrate with them. 


Why should you schedule your post? 


  • Save time: 

Sometimes, the only reason why we don’t post is the lack of time. We know that running an online business is demanding, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. What we recommend is to invest time before starting your social media campaign. 

Make sure you take at least one week to think and plan what you want to be doing, at the end this will help you save time daily. And it will also give you time to plan and control the aesthetic of your product. 


  • Create better captions

Scheduling your post for social media is not only about how they will look like in the long run. But it is also to plan ahead of the message you will send to your audience. 

Great post captions will stop users from scrolling, and that is the time you have to convert those customers into leads. Make them interact with you and engage with your brand.


  • Plan a beautiful feed. 

Having a great caption is just one part of the process. When you plan your feed, and post, you have the chance to create a beautiful and appealing aesthetic, that will make your customer stay more time looking into your profile. 

You must note that when someone new lands on your profile, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and convince them to follow your account. The look of your brand is important to capture the attention of your potential customers. 


Why is important to schedule your post


What to do before scheduling your post?


  • Create and curate the content

A great way to approach the consistency we have been talking about is to prepare content ahead. For example, you can take one day a week to take all the pictures you will be needing for the next month (for example).

Having a big amount of content prepared will allow you to curate the content you will be posting. 


  • Find the best time to post

“If you want to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2020, you need to optimize your posting time for when the majority of your followers are online.”

One way you can do this is to go to the insights of the social media app you are using and check the best time to be posting. Making sure you are posting at the right time will increase your chances of appearing on the feed of your potential customers. 


  • Plan your content, what do you want to talk about

Having a great looking feed is important. But you can also plan the story you will be telling. Use the time you will be investing in creating content on preparing the themes you will be talking about. 


  • Optimized your hashtags 

Prepare the hashtags you will be using, make sure you do the research, and optimize the ones you are going to use to ensure more exposure for your content. 


Why is important to schedule your post


In conclusion, scheduling your post is great for you, it will save you time and it will give you more chances to plan your marketing strategies to generate more leads. On the next blog, we will be sharing the formula for you to prepare a month of content. 

It is always confusing and overwhelming but when you reach the social media world with the right information and are well prepared you can have a great advantage in front of your customers. 

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