This week we will talk about ads for your e-commerce. We know organic growth is important, but we find it very useful to use advertisements to promote your product or business and reach more people. To be specific, advertisements will help you reach the right people for your business. 


Advertisement, when it’s done right, can help you improve the ratio of conversion. This means that people who are finding you for the first time will most likely turn into sales. 


First, let’s clarify what are Ads?  


Ads are short for advertisements. “Advertising is the literal process of making a product and service known to an audience. It is the description used to present the product, idea, or service to the world.”



What are ads


Now let’s talk about E-Commerce Advertisement:


The main goal of the advertisement for your e-commerce is to reach new customers with the help of different channels. It is always important to take into account that an advertising strategy that works well for one e-commerce business may not work as effectively for another.


Going forward, it’s important to always be testing and measuring your return on investment on each channel. 


Every marketing and advertising campaign can drop its effectiveness if it is not properly analyzed. To create Ads for your E-commerce you need to do a series of tests, and analysis to measure how effective it is. 


We will share some  strategies you can use when using Ads for your E-Commerce: 


Let us provide you with some strategies that can help you when creating ads. Always remember clarity and information are key when having an online business. These strategies will help you create more effective advertising strategies for your e-commerce. 


  1. Establish Goals: Before creating a campaign, you need to make sure you know what your goal is. Defining your goals will help you understand what is the best path to follow. 
  2. Find Your Audience: Once you have a goal in mind you need to find the right people. You cannot make an advertisement campaign for everyone. You need to make sure you are targeting the audience that is the most interested in your products. Making sure you are creating a campaign focused on the right people will make your ads investment more effective.
  3. Personalization: Personalization is about discovering your customers’ needs through data collection, then segmenting based on them. Personalizing your campaign will help you collect this data. 
  4. Mobile-first: shopper visits your store on mobile than anywhere else. Even when they’re in-store, 80% of shoppers will use their mobile devices to find reviews, prices, and even other store locations. Always make sure you create campaigns that are mobile-friendly, attractive to your audience. 
  5. Post-click optimization: aims to match the ad experience (known as the pre-click experience) with the landing page experience and beyond (known as the post-click experience). This is part of the data collection you need to have for your business. 
  6. Test Ad Campaigns: Before going on a big budget with only one campaign it is better to start promoting, maybe one post, and see how it goes. If the results of that campaign are not what you were expecting you might need to rethink the message you are transmitting or the audience you are targeting. But by testing you before going on full you have the chance to accommodate and not waste time and money on a campaign that will not serve your goals.  


Ecommerce advertisment


In conclusion Ads for your e-commerce will help you optimize the engagement and the conversions you have on your business. Using advertising effectively will help you reach more of the right people you need for your business. 


It is not about having a million followers it’s about making the ones you have count. Convert them into sales and make them engage with your brand. 


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