Today we want to share with you how Valet Seller can help you sell on multi-channels and answer some questions you might have.

Let us first introduce ourselves, we are Valet Seller and we help our customers distribute their products on many marketplaces. Going forward, we want to help them focus on the core of their company. Improve their products while we take care of the e-commerce side of the business. 

Selling on multi-channels can be time-consuming. We will help you to Instantly list, ship, and sell your products on the world’s largest online marketplaces. Amazon, Wish, Bonanza, ebay, google shopping, Facebook marketplace, Sears, Walmart. 


Multichannels marketing


Above all, starting in a new marketplace requires a good amount of hours, money, and effort, and you can do it yourself. However, you will be starting from scratch, which automatically slows down the process.

Doing it yourself, you will need to invest more time, energy, and money before having the results you want to reach.

Moving forward, with Valet Seller, you have a major head start by listing through our established and trusted online stores. Here we list some of the advantages of listing your products with us:

  1. Leverage our digital shelf space for more traffic and additional merchandising opportunities.

  2. Instant approval in all categories across 10+ marketplaces.

  3. Brand control and monitoring. Get real-time notifications of any unauthorized sellers.

  4. Manage inventory, shipments, and listings through one centralized application.

  5. Access advanced reporting and marketing tools within the Valet Seller application.

Also, you need to take into account that all your products will be listed on your brand. This means that your brand keeps all recognition when sold through Valet Seller. Your products will be listed under the seller name, “Valet Seller”, with your brand name as the brand and manufacturer.

Valet Seller focuses on e-commerce marketplaces to distribute your products, giving your brand more exposure and availability to consumers across the internet.


Multichannels shipping



In conclusion with Valet Seller, you will be able to sell on multi-channel platforms, increase the opportunities to reach out to more people, and give more exposure to your products while saving time to focus on the heart of your brand. You will have more time to focus on improving your product image and growing even more. 

We will also like to invite you to check our blog about logistics for startups. Always remember that having the right information can be the difference between losing money and improving your service and reaching more people.