This week we will talk about all the logistics things you need to know as a startup. To begin we need to know that the term startup refers to a company in the first stage of its operations. 

This means that it’s a new company, and even when it has all the inventory and investment ready, there are major steps to be covered and that is the Logistics and logistics is a science all on its own. 

Therefore, if you are the owner of a startup, we know you are mainly focused on having people like you and your products. In other words, it is necessary to invest a great amount of money in the logistics process.

How the product will be delivered to the customer, how it is going to be returned back to you are major steps on the logistics steps you need to have in mind. The details matter.

A Startup needs to learn the process and here we will give you the things you need. Today we will provide a list with the things you need to know as a startup, starting with: 


The first logistics steps we have for you is to take into consideration Size and Weight: 


You always need to have in mind that shipping product prices are not stable. This is a logistics factor that always needs to be present. 

Above all, when preparing your logistics strategies, always take into consideration that the size of the package along with the weight will increase your shipping cost, it will make it vary.

When creating the logistics strategies you can estimate the prices of your products with an online calculator. Use the DIM calculator from the shipping company you will be hiring to find out and calculate your cost. 


The second logistics step we want to share it to Track volume: 


As a startup owner, you know how important it is to have accurate data, gathering information about your business is a mandatory requirement you need to fulfill for your company. 

We all love customers who purchase big volumes, and carriers also do. Include in your process gathering the information about the volume the business is handling. In other words, gather information about your sales volume. This information can help you run a deal with carriers and help you lower your prices. 



Logistics strategies


The third logistics step we will share is to keep an eye on Cost: 


Make sure you gather all the information about your shipping cost. Understanding how eCommerce companies charge customers for shipping and logistics costs. For instance, knowing the price for its products makes it easy to ensure they are not losing money on sales. 

Review competitors and the overall market. Make sure you see what customers see as attractive; while also helping you stay affordable and competitive. 


Logistics costs


These were three simple steps you need to take into account when it comes to creating your logistics strategy. We want you to thrive and it’s a process that requires time and effort.

We hope this guide about the logistics things you need to know as a startup helps you understand the next steps you need to give. Always gather as much information you can and if you need more information about logistics companies we invite you to check our Instagram article about it this coming Sunday.