This week we talked about email marketing, and today we will focus on the common email marketing mistakes to avoid. First, let’s start talking about what it is. There are different marketing strategies to grow your business and to reach and engage more with your customer. 

Emailing is one of those marketing strategies. It is mainly focused on promoting products while developing a relationship with potential customers. This strategy alone will not do all the job but it’s an important part of your campaigns. 

An email marketing campaign can be focused on Newsletter, where you will share promotions, company updates, sales, and exclusive deals for the customers who subscribed to it. Used email as strategies can work to build a relationship with your customers and to keep them informed, or it can drive your customers always if you are too persistent. It is all about balance. 

Now let’s talk about the common email marketing mistakes to avoid in your marketing campaign:

Let’s talk about the First contact:


We know how important emails are, capturing them is the first strategy business try to solve. But once solved we need to let you know it’s not the end of the strategies. 

Because once your customer subscribed, what are you going to do? The first email you send to your customers is going to be the first contact you will ever have. Make sure you use it to connect with them. Once the customers subscribe you send them a message welcoming them, introducing you, tell them what’s next and what they should be expecting. 


Email marketing mistakes


Let’s talk about Not being clear: 


What this means is to be prepared to lead your customer to your product. Make them go to your blog, webpage, online store, whatever your goal is. 

To do this you need to make sure all the other online aspects of your business are ready, like your website, for example. Have clear goals in your mind. Going forward, If you don’t guide your customer through your product and brand it will be hard for them to follow up, to understand, to engage with you. 



Email marketing mistakes to avoid


Let’s talk about sending too many emails:


While we work hard to improve and to make our business grow, we are also someone’s customers. We know what we want and we know what we want to receive from our favorite brands.

With this being said, Less is more they have it right, especially on email campaigns. You don’t want your customer to ban you. You want to be part of their lives and make sure you do it right. Sending you an email will only increase the chances of customers being bored with your content or taking actions against you. 


Email marketing mistakes to avoid


To close today’s blog, we hope you found these common email marketing mistakes to avoid being useful and easy to follow. 

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