Today we will like to provide a guide to selling on Bonanza a guide  you can use to understand the platform and to make the most out of it:


The first tip is for Advertisement: 


 Bonanza has an advertisement platform with different tiers and each allows you to choose which platform to put your products. A great thing about this is that it allows you to pick the amount you want to invest in an advertisement for a product. 




The platform charges no registration fee. Once you make a sale you pay a Final Value Fee (FVF) based on the final offer value (FOV) of your item. The FOV is the amount that the buyer paid to you for the item sold, including shipping.


The second tip Marketing Tools: 


You can use the Customer Marketing Tool to access the usernames, purchasing history, and messaging history of your past customers. “This gives booth sellers access to information about individuals who checked the “subscribe” box in their booth.”


Discounts and coupons: 


A great way to attract customers is to offer benefits to your customers. This can be in the form of discounts and coupons. This encourages your customers to purchase more products and to feel more attached to your products. This can be created on their Customer Marketing Tool. With these tools, you can either offer a percentage of discount after the customers spent a certain amount of money or you can also do it on a coupon form. 


Guide to selling on bonanza




In this guide to selling on Bonanza, We thought it would be important to add Credibility in it. For any business having the trust of their customers is key. And small business is important because all of your customers want to be reassured that they will be receiving great customer service and a great product too. With Bonanza, you can import your feedback from eBay. You can also fill all the questions on your profile. Make sure you log infrequently. 




In online work feedback is necessary to grow, feedback is the best way to earn customer’s trust. provide an easy way for buyers to leave feedback regarding their shopping experience. Bonanza understands how important this is and in some cases, feedback cannot be controlled by the customer and doesn’t want any of our sellers to receive an unfair, negative reputation. Make sure you clear listing details and selling policies are an easy way to avoid receiving negative feedback altogether.


It’s important to note that Bonanza “provides an internal messaging system so that buyers and sellers can communicate with each other about their transactions. If a buyer leaves negative feedback regarding a transaction, we recommend reaching out to the buyer via our internal messaging system to assist them with resolving their issue.”


The last tip we have for you is to Jumpstart your Sales: 


To close this guide to selling on Bonanza we found it important to give you some important tips to sell. You always need to take into account that online sales are not the same as they were before. The online world is big and constantly changing. It’s important to give you this thing to be aware of, the thing you need to make sure you have when you open your account.  


First, The profile: your seller profile “is an extension of your identity, and it’s where potential customers go to learn more about you and your business.”


Second, Your booth: Each booth on Bonanza is unique, but there are basic principles that apply to every seller.

Third, spread the news: Promote your store, make sure you announce it too. Use email marketing. Tell everyone you know.  


bonanza guide to selling


We hope this information helps you start correctly your Bonanza account. You can check our previous article on Bonanza, how it works, and tools to help you!.

To know more about our products check here how it works. We want to help you thrive and reach your goals.