Today we will talk about how bonanza works and tools to help you thrive on the platform. 

Some important information we will like to share with you are the numbers. When you sell an article on Bonanza you will always pay our base 3.5% fee rate. And you will not be charged a separate fee for listing products as it happens with other marketplaces.

You can also choose the advertisement program which charges you different commission fees. You can pick a rate of 9%, 13%, 19%, or 30% — higher rates mean more buyer visits from Google Shopping and other sources.

Another important date about how it works we will give it to you one of the secrets to thriving on the platform is that it lies at the beginning of your journey and when you are building your customer base. One of the main principles when selling on Bonanza is the close relationship they allow you to create with your customers. Since for them, the main focus of the business needs to be your customer base.

Here are some of the tools to help you, that we highly recommended optimizing your interaction with customers. These are tools to help you thrive. 


One tool to help you is, Customer Marketing Tool. 


This tool was created to allow sellers to turn one-time buyers into repeat shoppers. 


Seller Stats Dashboard. 


Provide actionable data that sellers can use to improve their online business. Displays information about item views and revenue in one convenient place.

Here are other tools that will help you with the integration of your stores.


Another tool to help you is Bonanza Magento 2 Integration


It helps Magento 2 “store owners to connect the store with the Bonanza marketplace by synchronizing the store information like the inventory, price, and other product details for the product creation and its management between the Magento 2 store and the Bonanza website.”


Bonanza Tools 1


Bonanza Bigcommerce Integration


Another tool to help you with this platform is Bonanza bigcommerce integration. This integration helps the synchronization of orders, products, inventory, price, and product details between the Bonanza and Bigcommerce stores.


Bonanza Woocommerce Integration


Going forward this tool allows “sellers to list their products on Bonanza from existing e-commerce platform i.e. Woocommerce.¨

¨It enables centralized catalog enabling sellers to easily get their products ready for listing on Bonanza, and further automates inventory, pricing updates, and order-notification channel.”


Bonanza PrestaShop Integration: 


Integrate your “Prestashop Store with Bonanza through Official Channel Partner to Grow Your eCommerce Business. Bonanza-Prestashop Integration by CedCommerce involves the integration of your Prestashop eCommerce store with the Bonanza marketplace. This extension automates the ordering process and facilitates product handling and management.”


Bonanza tools 2


We know an online business can be overwhelming, but we hope that all these tools were created to help you either communicate with your customer most efficiently or to help you integrate your already existing store to bonanza. 


In conclusion, even when Bonanza is not as famous as other platforms, it provides a healthy selling environment for its merchants. It is safe, and it has great potential to help you grow. 


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To know more about our products check here how it works. We want to help you thrive and reach your goals.