As an entrepreneur, creative problem-solving comes second nature to you. However, there are certain freelancing solutions that are a bit off the beaten path, that require you to think outside the box, and they might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re looking for ways to improve your business. Let’s look at some unique opportunities the world of freelancing provides that can give you an edge over your competitors. But first…


Secure Your Safety Net


If you’re like many small business owners, the pandemic hit you hard. You’re probably thinking that you love the idea of creative problem-solving, even of hiring specialists to fulfill unique roles, you are trying to think outside the box. But finding the funds to cover the expense can be tough—especially if you’re already struggling to survive. If that scenario hits close to home, start your freelancing hunt with a financial overhaul. 


First and foremost, snag whatever free money you can qualify for. There is assistance available through the CARES Act, and several state and local programs are worth looking into. There are also funding opportunities through private companies such as Facebook and ZenBusiness.  


The other key is to cut your costs, even temporarily. Entrepreneur notes you can often snip overhead expenses relatively painlessly and with long-term results. Examine things like where people are spending excessive amounts of time and which processes are unwieldy.  Even things like shipping costs can often be trimmed considerably without feeling the pinch. You might even consider short-term cuts in order to get by until your investment pays off. When things turn around, loosen up your purse strings again, but a temporary sacrifice is often the segue to security.


Once you have a comfortable budget, start exploring your options. Here are some worthy ideas.

E-commerce specialist.

An e-commerce specialist optimizes your website by collecting content, tracking and analyzing marketing efforts, and aligning your brand message with your overriding objective. They will ensure you don’t make common errors like offering a canned message on all platforms or attempting to sell your product on channels that don’t mesh well with your target audience and goals. 


Think outside the box


Social media manager.

This professional tailors your social media outreach to meet the interests of each specific channel monitors responses and tackles direct interaction with your audience—all the while maintaining your brand message and supporting your bigger goals. They also devise new marketing strategies to fit with your social media audience and trends and track content performance to optimize results.  


Link building specialist.

A link building specialist ensures your website is found by search engines, thus building traffic to your page. They do this by establishing links to your website that search engines approve of, and by spreading those links across various channels. They work with web designers and developers, monitor traffic, and strategize to improve your website’s standing in searches.  


Data mining specialist.

Software is continually collecting information, and a data mining specialist knows how to extract and analyze that information to help refine your business efforts. They look for patterns and trends, then find ways to tease out information leading to actionable insights to improve efficiency.  



Freelance solution


Cyber security specialist.

As Florida Tech Online explains, a cyber security specialist examines your software and processes to optimize your data security against cyber criminals. This typically involves a multidimensional approach including hardware, software, and improved in-house practices. They also are alert to new threats and will ensure your systems stay up-to-date.


If you’re feeling behind the eight ball thanks to the pandemic, there is hope. Get off the beaten path to find help. Secure your finances, then look for unique opportunities for growth through various freelance solutions, think outside the box.