Let’s talk about Sears, and it’s important numbers. The numbers are important as we always mention on our blogs. Why? Because it can give you an overall idea of how the platform you will be putting in your money and products are working. 

How it’s working its key to choosing or not a marketplace. The numbers tell you how many customers you will be showing your products, trends, revenue, and more. But without further ado, we bring you the information you need:


Sears statistics


  • Number of stores:  547 stores
  • Number of Kmart stores: 432 stores
  • Sears Revenue 2019: US$13.2 billion 
  • How much does it cost to join Sears Marketplace? It will cost you $39.99 per month 
  • 75+ million (and growing) members of Shop Your Way rewards program
  • 130+ million active members
  • They also charge a monthly storage fee of $0.45-$0.60/cubic foot (depending on the time of the year). 
  • Commission fees are between 7% to 20%
  • Sellers are required to list only items and inventory quantities that are in their possession and available to fulfill to Members


sears statistics

Besides Sears and it’s important numbers, we will share with you other useful details about the marketplace.


Overall Sears is doing a great job integrating the marketplace modality to the department store. The platform is user friendly and has over 130+ million active members as we mentioned before. 

It also offers to the customers a guarantee on their purchase of over 2500+ dollars to ensure buyers received on time what they ordered and what they requested. 

We will now share important information about the marketplace:


  • Customers can purchase your products on Sears.com and Sears mobile and Sears kiosks located at Sears stores.
  • Your products will appear alongside the Sears products. 
  • Sears offers you a 20 item category, which helps the customers narrow down their search and give you more visibility. 
  • With just a small fee Sears will take care of hosting warehouse, packaging, and delivery service. 
  • Since Sears can take care of the tactical part of your business you have more time to invest in marketing and strategies to grow. 
  • Sellers are required to provide customer service for items listed on Sears Websites and for orders received through the Seller Portal. 
  • As a marketer, you are required to meet a performance metric. The cancellation rate needs to be under 3.5%. Late ship rate needs to be under 4%.

We hope we shared some clarity about Sears and its important numbers. Not only numbers but important information to understand the platform and work under their guidelines. 

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