This week we talked about Sears, and today we will give you the best practices you need to thrive on this platform. As we mentioned on our blogs, information is power when it comes to online business. 

And it is not a secret that the e-commerce world is full of competition and brands very similar to one another. We believe the key is to stand and to do so, you need to know the platform and the products you will be selling, and the customers you will be targeting. Sears is not the exception to the rule. 


The First best practice you need to thrive is to Understand the platform:


Always, make sure you know the rules. Before starting, take the time to read and investigate what are the expectations and rules of the marketplace. To do better than everyone else you need to know the ground you will be moving into. 

These steps are key, because it is essential to work under guidelines of Sears Marketplace when you do, you guarantee to your company that the algorithm will work in your favor and improve your SEO at the same time. 


The second best practice you need to thrive is to Follow up:


Like every business, an online platform needs time and dedication. You cannot just leave it there and expect it to grow all by itself. A marketplace business is not a one-time thing. 

When you start in a marketplace you need to be ready to invest time and effort into it. Make sure you create strategies, invest in great images, and create great listings. 


Best practices Sears


The third best practice you need to thrive is Communication:


When selling on a marketplace you need to think of it as a relationship. A relationship between your business and your customer. And as in every relationship communication is key.

Make sure you communicate all the details about your products to ensure the customers understand and it clears about what they are going to purchase. The more information you provide the more time you save to yourself and the customer about the questions they may have. 


The fourth best practice you need to thrive Timely:


Time is key when it comes to working with customers. As a basic standard Sears required from you to answer within 24 hours. However, we believed that if you can short down this time it would be even better for your customer. 

Not answering right away might take sales away from your business. Take into account that customers in this time and age are needing fast answers and fast resolutions. Make a difference by improving your response time. 


sears best practices



We hope these lists, with the best practices you need to thrive on Sears, help you make the best out of your new online business. 

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