On today’s blog, we want to give you the mistakes to avoid when using Shopify. Because we believed the stronger your foundations are the better you will grow.

What a strong foundation means for us is directly related to the amount of information one possesses. In other words, understanding how a platform works before jumping into it is essential.

Yesterday’s blog we talked about Important strategies you need to grow your Shopify account and today we will give you the mistakes you need to avoid.


In the first place we have the numbers, Not doing the math: 


We understand starting a new business can be both exciting and scary. However, rushing into it without analyzing first can be very dangerous for you and your brand. 

When launching and creating an online business, you need to make sure you are also doing the math, even if this shop is not going to be your main source of income or your main priority. You can use this formula to see how profitable is your business:

Profit = Demand * (Revenue – Expenses)


The second mistake to avoid is The wrong look:


Aesthetic and brand style are something that attracts customers’ eyes without much effort, even if we know that behind the scenes is one of the most time-consuming things to do for your brands. If this is your first product or service, you might think you can overlook this important step.

But, when it comes to online business how your page, products, and store look are reasons why your customer chooses you. In other words, going with the wrong style or template on Shopify can cause the differences between what your brand aesthetic is and what your website reflects.

Going forward, if you invested already in the look of your brand, we recommend to spend a little more time choosing the most appealing look for your purpose and also make it user friendly, even if you are not a website expert, this will give you an advantage.


Shopify mistake

The third mistake to avoid when using the platform is Not being unique:


Online businesses are full of competition, thousands and thousands of stores selling the same or similar products as the ones you are offering.

Knowing this, if you launch your store and don’t offer something unique, something will be a characteristic signature, finding the way to the top is going to be harder. 

What can make you unique or stand out, if going the extra mile for the customer? For instance, if you offer a delivery service, make sure you have the best and most comfortable packaging for your customer. Make it vegan, eco-friendly, recyclable, offer what others are forgetting. 


Lastly, the last mistake to avoid when using the platform is not having a Target:


Let’s think about something, when you go to the grocery store, what makes you choose a product?. When you see a shelf full of the same product how do you know which one is the best without any information?

For us, it is hard to tell. If we have not seen a commercial, tasted the product, or seen anything about the brand we will have a hard time choosing. 

Now, picture yourself inside an online store, full of information and products all over the place. It’s going to be hard to enjoy the experience, not to say that it will immediately make you go. That’s what happens when you don’t have a target in mind. 

When having an online store, make sure you don’t introduce a huge amount of products that are not related to the brand. Because it will be harder to appeal to specific customers.

Be specific, be unique, and make it easy for your customers to understand what your shop is about. 


Shopify mistakes


We hope today’s blog brings clarity to this process and helps with this first step. We invited you to check our products and pricing