Today we will talk about Groupon and what you need to know to start selling on the platform. Since every platform is different in its style and methods, we want to share unique tips for Groupon.

One of the first you need to do to start selling on Groupon is to create a merchant account. First, you will need to provide some information about your business with Groupon support.

Once you provide this essential information and have clear goals to reach on the platform you will have a customer services representative helping you with campaigns. 

The campaigns set by the customer service representative will have to meet and match with your business goals and expectations without putting into risk your business capability.

Before launching a campaign you and your staff must be ready for launch, make sure you post and promote with family and friends, make sure you spread the word. 

Another essential part before starting selling on Group on is to know What to sell? 


Since the site is already known for the deals they offer, consider offering local deals. For example, you can provide discounts to your services, lower cost to local attractions, tours, fixed-price meals at restaurants too. Discounts on house goods. Discounts on packages for holidays.

Also, make sure to review the market and see what products are trending. You can always check the Groupon top sellers too. We also recommend you before starting to sell on Groupon to check and go over their forbidden item list. 


start selling on groupon

Before starting to sell on Groupon a question you need to answer is the pricing? 


Before setting the price of the product or service you will offer, make sure you research similar products being on the platform. Check other online sites to understand the discounts and pricing. Also, make sure you calculate how much it will cost you and your business. 

Every deal offered needs to be carefully analyzed before setting the price on the platform, to ensure transparency for your customer. We want to provide a few important aspects your deal needs to have:

  • It has to be the best deal; once customers buy on the platform you want to make sure they are getting the best deal of the market:
  • Don’t hide fees or extra costs. Make sure you are transparent on the cost of your product and avoid surprising your customer with extra fees. 


Starting to sell on groupon

Market products on Groupon? 


Since the site is essentially a marketplace it takes care of marketing your services and experiences for you. They have their one online engine to promote deals to customers.

They will advertise on the website, newsletter, affiliated websites, push notifications on the mobile app. 

A great thing about the platform is that you can tell them, based on your business goals “how many new customers you want to bring in”.

and they’ll “help ensure that your offer meets your business’s needs without exceeding your capacity. 

Once you release a campaign it is important to keep track and collect data. For this, you can use their “online tools and the Groupon Merchant app for iOS and Android to help you get the most out of your Groupon campaign.”

Start selling on groupon


We hope this guide was helpful, we also recommend you to check our latest post about The Pros and Cons about selling on Groupon. We also invented you to check about our services and our prices clicking here