On today’s blog, we will give you the 4 Essential Ingredients of a Winning Online Product Listing. The importance of your product listing can’t be overstated. Not only does it directly impact your visibility in an online marketplace, but it also plays a vital role in converting potential customers into paying customers. 

Unlike a physical store, the only way for your customers to get a feel for your product is through your online listing. So if you’re not giving your listing the attention it deserves, then you’re missing out.

Some of you are in the opposite situation. You know how important your product listings are and you’re willing to put in the time to create a top-notch listing. Despite your best intentions, however, you can’t help but worry about breaking any rules and risking your account.

If either of those sounds like you, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve helped our clients create thousands of product listings to date. As a result, we know what makes or breaks a product listing.

So let’s explore all the essential ingredients of a winning product listing now.


1. Product Title


Your title serves two purposes. Telling search engines which keywords to rank your product for and grabbing the attention of customers. So getting your title right is not just important but critical.

For search optimization, you need to include your most valuable keywords strategically. Just don’t give in to the urge of stuffing keywords in your title. Doing so will only make your customers run away.

To attract customers, you need to include the most important information. Your brand name, product model, size, and colors are a few examples.

At ValetSeller, we recommend the following structure for your product titles:

<Brand Name> + <Main Search Phrase> + <3 Keywords> + <Main Use>, <Size Name*>, <Color Name*>

Here’s a list of some of the most common mistakes sellers make when creating a title:


  • Company Type. Avoid using the type of company in the title, such as Ltd, Srl., and Inc.
  • Symbols. Avoid using any symbols and Type 1 High ASCII characters, such as @, &, *, !, ~, ©, and Æ
  • Subjective Descriptors. Never use subjective descriptors, such as “Great Item”, “Hot Seller” or “Best Product”
  • Financial Descriptors. Never use promotional and pricing descriptors, such as “Free Shipping” or “Sale”

Apart from avoiding those mistakes, you should also capitalize the first letters of each word to make your title easier to read.


2. The third Essential Ingredients of a Winning Online Product Listing  are Product Images


Product images are the lifeblood of your listing. Get them right and you’ll get a flood of customers with the right expectations. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Use high-quality images with professional lighting and a background that’s easy on the eyes
  • Keep the image dimensions 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high
  • Upload as many professional images from as many angles as you can
  • Make sure your photos show the size and scale of your product
  • Don’t forget to showcase the product packaging


Online Product Listing


3. Key Product Features


Use a bullet list to highlight the most important features of your product. These should ideally be your unique selling points. In other words, things that make you different and hopefully better than the competition.

When creating bullet lists, follow these rules:

  • Capitalize the first word of each item
  • Use sentence fragments to keep it short and sweet
  • Don’t put punctuation marks at the end
  • Use semicolons to separate phrases within a bullet point
  • Have more than 10 but less than 255 characters


4. Product Description


Last, but not least is your product description. This is the meat of your product listing. Use this space to highlight your product features, use cases, and other essential details.

To write a product description that converts, follow these rules:

  • Keep it between 100 to 200 words
  • Sprinkle in your most valuable keywords
  • Use short sentences that pack a punch
  • Use HTML formatting such as bolds and linebreaks to turn a wall of text into text bites
  • Set realistic expectations to reduce returns and negative reviews

By using these 4 essential ingredients the right way, you’ll be all set to create a winning online product listing that converts potential customers into paying customers.

To take your listing to the next level, give enhanced content a shot. Read our extensive guide on enhanced content to learn how.