As Amazon and Walmart continue to secure a bigger share of the eCommerce market, more customers are finding their way to each platform.

Like light attracts moths, more customers on a platform naturally attract more sellers competing for their attention and spending. As a result, it becomes a lot harder to stand out, especially when you’re just getting started.

So if you’re competing against established sellers who have tons of glowing reviews along with outstanding ratings, standing out is more important than anything else. Even if your product is the best thing out there, you still need to grab the buyer’s attention to stand a chance at getting sales.

How can you do that? Enhanced content is the answer.

Enhanced Content on Online Marketplaces

Most sellers on online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart put the bare minimum effort into their product listings. But even when they optimize their listings, there’s only so much that can be done with the default options.

To help you take your listing to the next level, both Amazon and Walmart offer an enhanced content option.

Unlike a barebones description that’s hard to read, enhanced content allows you to provide a rich experience to your audience with powerful layouts, captivating images, riveting videos, persuasive text blocks, and more.

We’ll look at the specific features and requirements for each platform in a moment, but first, let’s explore the benefits you’ll experience by embracing enhanced content as a part of your eCommerce strategy.

The Benefits of Enhanced Content

To truly grasp the power of enhanced content, you need to see things from the user’s perspective.

When people go to Amazon or Walmart, they don’t just buy the first product they see. Instead, they browse a few products, check out the images, read the descriptions, and finally devour the reviews before making a purchase.

With that perspective in mind, you can see why brands get the following benefits by investing in enhanced content:

1. Engage Customers

If you were looking for a product on Amazon, which listing would grab and keep your attention?

The one with dull images and a wall of text for a description? Or the one brimming with visually rich content that shows you exactly what the product does and how it can change your life?

Obviously the visually rich product listing is going to win your attention. The same holds true for your potential customers on online marketplaces.

2. Boost Your Conversions

The more engaged your viewers are, the more likely they are to buy from you. As a result, adding enhanced content can organically boost your conversion rates.

In fact, a 20% increase in conversion rate is nothing out of the ordinary and you might even get better results.

3. Set Customer Expectations

Sometimes people order a product without looking at the finer details. So when the product finally arrives, they can’t help but feel betrayed that a certain feature doesn’t work the way they expected or is missing altogether.

It would be great if we could force the customer to read the finer details. But sadly, that’s not an option. The next best thing however is enhanced content.

By highlighting the most important details in a visually engaging way, we can set customer expectations and avoid any confusion later. As a result, you’ll get fewer returns and negative reviews.

Understanding the Specifics of Enhanced Content on Amazon and Walmart

Now that we’ve established why enhanced content is so powerful, let’s look into the specifics of each platform.

1. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

With Amazon’s EBC, you can put the following visually rich content blocks to your listing:

  • Videos. You can place a video in the image gallery or the product description section.
  • Content Templates. Amazon offers a variety of pre-designed templates that you can use to structure your product listing. These include a combination of text blocks and images to create a rich visual experience.

Before you can use Enhanced Brand Content, however, you need to meet the following two key requirements:

  • Join Amazon Brand Registry. Only businesses that are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry can take part in the EBC program.
  • Live Trademark. To join the Amazon Brand Registry, one of the core requirements is to have a live trademark registered for your brand.

2. Walmart Rich Content

With Walmart’s Rich Content program, you can add the following blocks to your product listing:

  • Videos. You can add videos to the top-left gallery section of your listing. These could be educational and how-to videos.
  • Comparison Chart. A comparison chart is best for quickly showcasing the key features and variations of your products. You can also use this area to promote other relevant products from your inventory.
  • Primary Enhanced Experience. You can mix and match blocks of persuasive text and visually appealing images to deliver the meat of your product listing.
  • Download Section. Lastly, you get a download section where you can put branded guides and manuals for users to download.

To use the Rich Content program on Walmart, however, you need to work with a certified Connected Content Partner.


Standing out is critical in today’s competitive environment. Enhanced content offers an effective and affordable way to do that.

At ValetSeller, we can help you get the most out of enhanced content on both Walmart and Amazon without the hassle of painfully intricate requirements.

At a fixed price of just $250 per listing, you can:

  • Forget about registration. We’re already enrolled in the enhanced content programs and can send your rich listing for approval in no time.
  • Meet Enhanced Content Requirements. From the right image dimensions to the elusive category requirements, we know all the intricate details to help you create a product listing that gets approved.
  • Leverage Our Reputation. As with all our listings, you get to leverage the reputation of our established accounts on many online marketplaces, including Amazon and Walmart.

We hope this guide has shown you the difference enhanced content can make for your eCommerce business. Standing out is the only way to stand a chance for success today.