When it comes to e-commerce, one of the best things you can do is to have multichannel or many options for customers to find you and your products. eBay is one of these channels. To close this week correctly, we want to share some of the benefits of selling on eBay:


Like other shopping platforms, not everybody trusts them, however, Ebay has a customer satisfaction rating of 79% as of 2019. This rate only shows that customers that use the platform trust it and believe in it. Customers buying on eBay have protection against scams and bad service. Taking this into consideration, Having eBay act as a third-party arbitrator means customers feel much safer going out on a limb and buying from you.

Benefits of selling on ebay

One great benefit of selling on ebay is the Reduced Fees:

Compared to other online marketplaces eBay charges lower fees for product listing, they charge 10%(it’s closer to 13% counting payment processing like PayPal). Also, eBay shop subscribers get a reduction on their insertion fees; You can earn even more reduction on your fees by becoming a Top Rated Seller on eBay. We know how important lower fees are, the lower the fees the bigger the profits. 

Excellent SEO:

Ebay has great search engine optimization. That means high chances of people searching on Google and winding up on your product’s listing, without you ever building a website.

Customized Web Address:

You can set up your eBay URL to drive customers directly to your eBay store. You will also be listed in the Shops Directory, increasing the chance of buyers finding your listings


 Benefits of selling on eBay, choose the right platform

Shipping Assistance is another great benefit of selling on eBay:

Sellers get access to remarkable savings on shipping, sometimes as high as 52% off. The lower shipping costs will make your listings more attractive to buyers. They also give you a competitive edge over marketplaces that don’t offer discounts like those.

Email marketing:

We know marketing your product is one of the main things you need to do when it comes to e-commerce. Having a handy tool to create email marketing campaigns is a great opportunity to reach more customers and people to your store. “If you’re an eBay Store seller, you can easily create and send template-based or fully customized HTML emails to buyers who’ve signed up to your mailing lists.” You can also click here and go to the website and have more information.

We hope this information was really helpful for you, and clarify your doubts about eBay. We will like to recommend you to check our previous blog about The DON’TS when selling on EBAY, to improve your sales. You can also check more about our platform and how it works.