We know how hard it is to start in the e-commerce world. And when it comes to online selling, it is important, to take into account, that you will be dealing with all kinds of customers. Here we will give you a guide withthe don’ts when selling on ebay. This easy tips will help you improve your online sales: 

The first tip on this list of the don’ts when selling on eBay is to avoid High shipping prices: 

As we mentioned on Wednesday’s Instagram post, 70% of the products sold on the platform are free shipping. Adding an excessive shipping price compared to your competitors will make you lose your customers. When selecting the products you are going to sell you need to find out first how much is going to cost the shipping to make the right decision when posting the price of the item. We recommend you to be clear with your customer and improve the price to ensure sales and happy customers. 

Mistakes to avoid when selling on ebay

The second DON’T, on this list of the don’ts when selling on ebay is Not adding a descriptive text:

In online sales, it is important to provide as much and necessary information of your products as possible. We recommend this because information and details will make your customers choose or not your product. Take a little longer to provide all the important details that you as a customer will like to find out about the product you are selling. Only pictures will not sell your products. 

Bad photos will also be bad for the business: 

As we mentioned in the previous point, customers rely on the descriptions and photos of the product to make up their minds. To increase the chances of sales in your listing we highly recommend improving the pictures of your products. Provide different angles, high quality, and add details of the products to your picture to make the customer’s life easier. 


Ebay product description and photos

Price is too high:

If your price is too high you are wasting valuable time and money. Likewise, if your price is too low, you could be leaving money on the table. Before adding the price to your products we recommend you to do market research. You need to investigate listings that are selling big volume, inside ebay, and sellers with high volume sales. This simple activity will help you gather data to set the right prices. 

As the last tip on this list of the don’ts when selling on ebay, don’t sell damaged items:

When selling replica/reproduction, liquidation, damaged, or bulk untested goods on eBay, always make sure you are being honest about the products. If the product is not what you listed on quality, pictures, and others this will gain you a bad reputation. This kind of selling doesn’t help anyone as it leaves buyers unhappy and leads to negative reviews.

We hope this guide about the don’ts when selling on ebay, helps you to take the steps you need to start your online business. Here we will recommend you to check our previous blog, Guide to start selling on Wish Marketplace. Find out more information about the e-commerce world and start earning money. 

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